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Native New Yorker now enjoying life in the Raleigh Durham area. My primary interest is baseball but I am also a big fan of UFC/MMA.

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  • Todd Civin posted 3999 days ago

    Todd Civin

    Thanks for becoming my fan. Flattered. For what they pay us, collecting fans means so much. All my best, Todd

  • Wesley Johnson posted 4020 days ago

    Wesley Johnson

    Hey Bob, thanks for actually reading and commenting an article of mine before leaving a note on my profile to read one of yours :-).

  • Paul Swaney posted 4031 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    Jim Thome is about 3 seasons away from breaking a historic record held by Reggie Jackson. Please take a look when you have time. Thanks for any comments or feedback you may have.

  • Brandon Heikoop posted 4157 days ago

    Brandon Heikoop


    Thanks for keeping an open mind.

    Personally, I would be fully against a cap. Take the Yankees, whom make around $250M available for their Major League team. Put the cap at even as high as $150M and the Yankees still have $100M to spend. While the club could put this money in their pockets and walk away, that clearly is not the ownerships modus operandi.

    So now take this additional money, and spread it over other areas. While the Yankees won't sign the Sabathia's at the end of their prime, they will have them for their developmental years. The Yankees will have the best rehab technologies, the best player evaluation methods.

    In other words, we are lucky that the Yankees are more concerned with winning now then anything else. If the club was willing to take 3 or 4 years off, say 'rolling the dice' in Yankees terms, we'd be talking about a dynasty that could last as long as the Bengals have sucked.