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  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1517 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan


  • Squidward Tentacles posted 1900 days ago

    Squidward  Tentacles


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    I am back. Spread the word.

  • JD Foster posted 1918 days ago

    JD Foster

    Is just me or are you guys still a little sour from that loss...? I don't want to harp on the ref but I think most would agree Undiano didn't have a good night on Sunday in terms of decisions. Now Madrid can't only blame him though, the fact of the matter is we gave Barca way too much space in between the lines, our normally solid back line was not compact/balanced enough and we missed a few chances that should've been buried in that 1st half.

    Now I'm not blaming any players because to be honest, maybe just me alone, but I was pretty satisfied with all of our players effort and game on Sunday. Maybe Ronaldo, Alonso and Carva could've performed a bit better but it happens, no biggie.

    Cutting to the chase, the reason why I feel slightly still sour is because we were matching if not outplaying Barca until we were down a man and in no way do I feel we deserved to lose that match on Sunday. We at least deserved a draw IMO, that red card changed everything and once i saw him pull for his back pocket I knew it was going to be a massive uphill battle not only to score another but keep Barca from scoring as well down a man. When playing a man down against a possession team like Barcelona who are one of the top sides in the world with arguably the best player in the world in are pretty much screwed with one less player.

    Oh well, I guess all we can do now is hope the team bounce back from this and just look forward with hope, forget the whole ref fiasco and keep it in the past. The bottom line is we did not lose any title on Sunday night, let's build on the positives, learn from the negatives and forget the "what-ifs". Any thoughts?

    By the way, heads up my fellow Madridista :D, I know a loss to our rival sucks no matter what but we still tied for top of the table and we can still exact revenge on that "other" team in the Copa Final. Ignore all haters (though at times I do agree the the urge to expose the absolute idiotic nonsense can be too much to bare : )

  • David FCB posted 2045 days ago

    David FCB

    For some reason B/R chooses to deleted some of my comments at the most appropriate of times. In responce to that post of yours though..

    Come the latter stages of the previous Season (Jan - May), there wasn't a better inform player than Franck Ribery. Ribery was nominated the Bundesliga's best player come the end of that Season, and as you both know, was the undisputed recipient of the UEFA's Best Player may I remind you. (2nd came Lionel Messi, followed by your God, Cristiano Ronaldo. Jus' sayn'.)

    Following the end of the Season for Lionel Messi, he racked up his 2nd straight Pichichi award, becoming the first player to have ever achieved that feat in 25 Years - Since Hugo Sanchez. That's also considering the fact he missed out on about a Month of play due to injuries. Lionel Messi also won the La Liga Player Of The Year award. June 15th, Messi overtook the one and only Diego Maradona's tally for Argentina, levelled with Crespo (35. And they said was a flop for his National team? Meanwhile.. Ronaldo and co. are facing play offs after what may have been one of the easiest of group stages?). March 30th, Messi became the first player ever to score in consecutive matches against every other team in the La Liga BBVA division. (5 Months running.) September 28th saw Lionel Messi surpass your very own club legend Raul's, tally of 323 goals for Real Madrid. What Raul accomplished in 16 Years, it took Messi 10. (LOL)

    There may be even more records set in the Year 2013 by Messi, though I myself may not even be able to recall due to shitty memory, and excess accomplishments from the Argentine's behalf.

    My point being, both Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery aren't distant runners up to Cristiano Ronaldo like the lot of you Madridistas fucking make it out to be. It's as though the arrogance is just too much for ya'll to contain? 'Sneijder > Messi 2010' bullshit, although now you wouldn't even consider Ribery the slightest bit?

    Come january, I expect Ronaldo to lift the Ballon D'or, although both Franck and Lionel will duly be applauded at the ceremony.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 2087 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    think Parker's got it on top of Paul because Parker yes, he is a much better shooter and scorer than Paul.
    He also is better Playmaker I think. Parker is a superb passer, much better than Paul (granted, he is great too), but it's just that Paul has more assists because his passes go directly to the scorers (Griffin especially) but Parker's passes are more creative. Since the Spurs utilize a great passing and passing game his passes usually leads to another guy who does the assist. But Parker's passes terrorize defenses more than Paul's.

    Ball handling Paul is better, but Parker doesn't really need the ball handling much because he is a much better passer.

    Parker can also drive into the lane MUCH better than Paul, I think Parker's the best doing that in the game :)

  • Small Fundamental posted 2088 days ago

    Small Fundamental


    I pretty much agree with everything you said:
    "Advantages for Parker
    - Smart player who can make the right play at the right time
    - Can make clutch plays
    - Great teammate, not selfish with the ball.
    Advantages for Westbrook
    - Superior athleticism
    - Better individual defender
    - Great scorer"

    The stuff you said, pretty much proves Parker is the bestter PG. Stuff you need from your PG:
    A guy who can make the right play at the right time. Athleticism helps, but if you can do your job without, you're welcome.
    You want a player who can make clutch plays.
    Russ is a pretty good defender, but Parker is not a pushover either. He has held Chris Paul to many a bad game.
    It's not that Parker can't score, because of his age, he has to take it slow sometimes these days. When he was young, he would slash to the basket and get hammered. He's on the wrong side of 30 and he can't take a lot of beating and make it through the season (See Dwyane Wade)

    Westbrook really depends on his athleticism to get his points. I mean, he shot 43% lol...
    I actually think having Kevin Durant in the team, really helps Russ pad his stats. If Russ went to a rebuilding team, where he was the primary scoring option, his stats would be far worse.

    When he plays with KD, the whole defense is focused on KD at times, leaving Russ open for good looks.

    And on his athleticism, he's coming back from a pretty big injury. I don't think he will ever have the same athleticism he had.......

    He is also very immature and stupid with the ball. 4 turnovers a game?

    I honestly think OKC, is like the Suns (with Nash and Amare). Good enough to challenge out West, but not enough to compete for a title or even make it to the Finals.... Not a knock on the Suns (just saying). I actually like the Suns....

    The only chance they had was in 2012 when they had Harden, now I doubt they will ever win...... Unless they add someone good of course.....

  • Jihoon Nam posted 2088 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    I meant 9th* sorry. Completely forgot about Westbrook and I think he's really overrated. Parker as the best PG and Paul as the 2nd.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 2088 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Now I wanna give my two cents on your question to Small about Parker not making the top 10. I think Parker is the best point guard in the game right now, he's the smartest PG and no one comes close. He is a better pure scorer, he can score from just about anywhere in any situation, although his 3-ball may not be as good as Paul's or Westbrook's. Driving into the lane, Parker is the best at it. Finding good outlet passes or creative passes to guys who in turn find other teammates, Parker is the master. This is why TP doesn't have as many assists though. He finds someone who can in turn pass it to someone else.

    Parker definitely is a top 10 player in the league IMO. 10th.

  • Small Fundamental posted 2089 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Westbrook is not top 10