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  • Scott Weldon posted 3526 days ago

    Scott  Weldon

    No worries. Looked like it just got copied twice. Good story.

  • Scott Weldon posted 3527 days ago

    Scott  Weldon

    Hey duplication in the latest story. It starts over again half way down

  • Matt Eichel posted 3748 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Hey Kamal, my name is Matt and I've been around BR for a while but just came back recently. So BT wanted the featured columnists to do a Top 5 Playoff Performers per team and collaborate.

    So let's collaborate! My e-mail is matt.eichel@gmail.com and you can give me what you write and we can put that, my stuff, and Scott's stuff together too! Let me know what you think!


  • John Deer posted 3801 days ago

    John Deer

    Freelance hockey writer, with a serious lack of integrity.

  • John Deer posted 3801 days ago

    John Deer

    Kamal, I think you're a pretty gutless individual reporting on Paul Mara with such criticism in your latest blog. He's injured, been injured for 2 months, and has not been given a fair chance to perform. Get a life.

  • Tyler Blouin posted 3828 days ago

    Tyler Blouin


    What are your thoughts on Gauthiers priorities? I'd love some feedback in this article:



  • Tyler Blouin posted 3842 days ago

    Tyler Blouin


    Do you see any big moves for the Habs at the deadline? I wrote a piece on the Tampa Bay situation since Vinny and MTL are forever entwined:


    What are your thoughts?