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  • Jordan Massey posted 2583 days ago

    Jordan Massey

    hi tye add me
    do you do street dance

  • Dan Riaz posted 2590 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hello there :)

  • OJ Simpson posted 2610 days ago

    OJ Simpson


  • Emma Thompson posted 2610 days ago

    Emma Thompson

    cute pic ;)

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 2613 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    I know! That pisses me off too. I mean, he missed games last year & still put up good numbers. smh

  • Nicole posted 2614 days ago


    that's true, i was actually thinking about that. but reigns doesn't really have that charisma that rollins and ambrose have, yknow? all he says is "believe in the shield" :p

  • Mista Amazing posted 2614 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Yeah, they would be ranked if it weren't for the dumb sanctions.

    Jarvis Jones will do great for Pitt coz he from UGA

  • Nicole posted 2614 days ago


    i think all of them has potential, really. but ambrose is the star for me, then rollins, then reigns. :)

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  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 2614 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    Are they talking about me below???

    To answer your question: my heart says Super Bowl, but my true prediction is another 3rd place finish in the North, but they could still have a shot at the Wild Card. Baltimore did a nice job at signing and drafting players of need. The Bengals keep adding players to a young team that is on the rise. I don't think a 9-7 record is out of the question yet though. Hopefully, my prediction is wrong. Again, this is a really really reaaaalllyyyy early prediction.

    What about you?