Parker  Shields

Parker Shields


My name is Parker Shields, Im 16 years old and am a huge sports fan.

Watching and playing Football, Baseball, and Basketball are all hobbies of mine.

I have lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama all my life and am a die hard Alabama football and basketball fan.

With baseball being my favorite I have always loved the Braves because they are the closest team to Alabama

If you need to know anything else just message me.

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  • 12 posted 3859 days ago


    Stats: Thought you might be entertained by this. Thanks in advance for the read.


  • Larry Burton posted 3958 days ago

    Larry Burton

    You are really an up and comer and I look forward to what you may come out with this season!

  • James Evens posted 3981 days ago

    James Evens

    Did you delete your article or did b/r?

  • James Evens posted 3995 days ago

    James Evens

    Hey Parker, thanks for sharing this! I had actually already came across this while I was in class and didn't have a chance to comment, but great job on the article, i'm going to favorite you so I will be able to read all of your stuff! BOILER UP!

  • JW Nix posted 4000 days ago

    JW Nix

    you like rants? pass this around if you do :

  • Jameson Fleming posted 4006 days ago

    Jameson Fleming

    Post the link on my board tomorrow morning; I'm currently doing my writing myself. I'll gladly check it out in the morning, but I might need a reminder!

  • Cameron Britt posted 4055 days ago

    Cameron Britt

    If it doesn't come straight up, I used NL pitchers with at least 100 IP under Expanded II Pitching stats.
    (And I'm aware that Johan Santana and John Lannan are on there...I'm just saying that KKs repertoire does not mix with poor run support)