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  • Blair Watson posted 2409 days ago

    Blair Watson

    Double digit fantasy points in 6 out of 10 games. 14 fantasy points against one of the leagues best defenses. Hope you have a number for someone who repairs glass ceilings because Cecil Shorts shattering them.

  • Barb Caffrey posted 2412 days ago

    Barb Caffrey

    I'm glad the comments came through, Korey. And I hope the way I set off the e-mail (from your answers) was OK; still getting the hang of things here at B/R. :-)

  • Barb Caffrey posted 2412 days ago

    Barb Caffrey

    Not sure if it'll post a comment, Korey. I've tried twice. Just finished the edit for you. Hope my comments helped; I liked your analysis.

  • Josh Matt posted 2416 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Korey Beckett posted 2420 days ago

    Korey Beckett

    Let him know I'll have it for him next week, I swear!

  • Blair Watson posted 2420 days ago

    Blair Watson

    Hey Korey, Cecil Shorts called. He said your past due on his respect payment.

  • Korey Beckett posted 2436 days ago

    Korey Beckett

    Thanks for reading Jason! I would be happy to write about that and you should see that article tomorrow evening, thanks again!

  • Jason C. posted 2436 days ago

    Jason C.

    Hey Korey, I really enjoy reading your articles. I would love to see one focused on the possible selections the Skins could make in the second round and up since they don't have a first round pick. Keep up the good work.

  • Korey Beckett posted 2489 days ago

    Korey Beckett

    Yikes I'm not sure how I let that one slip, my fault

  • David Hendrix posted 2489 days ago

    David Hendrix

    Korey ... over-paid ... not payed.