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  • Manuel Traquete posted 3335 days ago

    Manuel Traquete

    Hey Dave,

    here's Guardiola's take on Puyol's injury, he said this on the weekend: “He’s doing well, but if you ask him to make an extra effort, he’ll get hurt again. He is improving, but he’s not yet at that stage where he can keep going and tolerate too much effort. But he is heading in the right direction.”

    So I assume he'll be back soon, more than in time for the Champions League return fixture. He picked up a knee tendinitis on Jan 24, as a med student I'm sure you'll know whether this is a long-term injury or not. But according to Guardiola, he might be back pretty soon.

  • Charlie Nnamani posted 3448 days ago

    Charlie Nnamani

    Thanks Dave

  • Reuben Smith posted 3463 days ago

    Reuben Smith

    Give this a read. I'm sure you'll like it :)

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 3490 days ago


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  • Stew Flats posted 3508 days ago

    Stew Flats

    That is a big win for Arsenal

  • Stew Flats posted 3521 days ago

    Stew Flats

    So thats a draw ;-)

    Chamakh scores on a scrappy header, well....sorta scores.

    Exactly what Arsenal have previously lacked....discuss

  • Barney Corkhill posted 3524 days ago

    Barney Corkhill

    Hey Dave!

    The great debate is back! This one looks at the latest David Beckham saga: does he have a future with England? Capello doesn't seem to think so, but I disagree!

    I also ask whether Beckham deserves a farewell game, and whether Capello was right to break the news in the manner that he did, and more! Come and give your views on the matter, your opinion would be greatly appreciated!



  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 3527 days ago


    Hey, check out my new article;

  • Wes Feeney posted 3544 days ago

    Wes Feeney

    Are you a Purdue alum?

  • Wayland Shamburger posted 3546 days ago

    Wayland Shamburger

    Highland FC 15394-86877 , team and code.