Sports writing is something I knew I'd get into since the first time I started writing anything. I love to tell a story, but I'll admit I'm lazy. With sports I can just write about what happens on the field, then fill in a little bit of analysis and opinions from time to time.

I was born in Charleston, South Carolina on October 21, 1983 to two Cuban parents (one from Chicago, the other from Boston via Miami), and moved to Miami when I was six weeks old. Since then I've been immersed as a Miami-sports fan (with the exception of the Marlins since I decided to follow my father into being a Cubs fan). The Dolphins are my first sports-love and the team I'm a Featured Columnist of on this fair site, but I'm also a huge Heat fan and will write about them from time to time. I'm not the typical Miami "bandwagon" fan, I'm with my team through the end (and lord know's I've been tested, thank you Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland!).

I also like debating anyone, anywhere, at any time about any subject. I'm opinionated but not stubborn, I'll admit I'm wrong when I'm proven wrong and raise the hand of the victor of such a debate. I also like to write short stories and am always available to freelance in my spare time.

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  • Lazaro Montecruz posted 1902 days ago

    Lazaro Montecruz

    Hey Thomas, I posted a comment yesterday complimenting you for responding to fans on one of your columns, and today, I saw the posting was deleted. What gives?

  • Anthony Greenwood posted 2181 days ago

    Anthony Greenwood

    Hey Thomas. Enjoyed your preview of the Dolphins visit to Detroit, but had to say something about what you wrote concerning the Jets, Dolphins game next season.

    As a UK Dolphins fan, I have to say I was not surprised to read your take on the Jets @ Dolphins game being played in London next season. What I am grateful for is that at least you made the effort to try and be balanced which is the complete opposite of Armando Salguero and others over the last day or so who have just written complete drivel on the subject, seemingly wanting to insult UK fans as opposed to putting forward serious arguments against.

    I have a lot of sympathy for the season ticket holders who will be losing a home game, and a divisional one at that. However have found the arguments some of which you have used flawed.

    Losing the home field advantage sounds like a viable reason on paper, however in practice is not as clear cut as it would be assumed.

    From the 2009 season to the 2014 season the Dolphins have played 20 home games in September / October. Miami's record in that time is 7-13, so barely getting to .500. Against the Jets at home in Sep/Oct the record is 1-2. Small sample size because as we all know we tend to play them at home later in the season but still only .500. If we look at the Jets at home no matter the month Miami's record is 2-3. We therefore do not have a winning record in any of the circumstances which you are saying are key to Miami.

    I know that does not mean it cannot have an effect, but the fact is our record does not show Ross is throwing away a huge home field advantage by agreeing to allow the NFL to move this game to London on the 4th October. If this is all to get a Superbowl, so what. The guy is spending a lot of his own money to upgrade the stadium to try and get a Superbowl, so why shouldn't he jump through what is basically the final hoop to get back on the rotation. What he is most certainly not doing is throwing away our hopes of getting to a Superbowl by playing a divisional game in London.

    It also annoys me that the support the Dolphins have in the UK and Europe in general is downplayed so much. The Miami Dolphins have a huge following in the UK, and across Europe, mainly thanks to Marino or in my case deciding I preferred the Dolphins to the Redskins in 1983 leading up to the Superbowl.

    If there is one thing I can be very confident about, it is that the atmosphere will be superb with 80,000+ fans filling Wembley, and a big majority of them being Dolphins fans because it is a game against our biggest rivals. At the Dolphins, Raiders game this season it was more like a Dolphins home game with the noise and level of support for the 2 teams. This is not to dismiss the support Miami get at Sun Life stadium, but when was the last time it was an actual sell-out for a home game, as opposed to a pretend sell-out because tickets had been bought to stop the game being blacked out.

    I apologise for the long post, but just feel I needed to stand up for us UK fans who have come in for a lot of stick over the last 24 hours from fans in the US, including Dolphin fans. Getting to see my Dolphins, the team I have supported for 31 years in consecutive years is something I could not have dared hope for, and from a purely selfish point of view, getting to watch them beat up on the Jests will be great. However that does not mean I don't understand the anger from the fans.

  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 2321 days ago



  • Justin Christopher posted 2447 days ago

    Justin Christopher

    I enjoy reading your articles on the Dolphins but I had one question that I can't find anywhere. What is the latest on Dustin Keller? Is he coming back to the NFL? Is he going to come back to Miami? And if he comes back to Miami, will they start him over Clay who did a terrific job filling in?

  • Carlos S posted 2517 days ago

    Carlos S

    I enjoyed your article on Jeff Ireland but I had a question for you. What if Ireland was planning for a run next year? If that was the case, picking up the players that he has drafted makes perfect sense. You cannot tell the fan base you are developing and you have to give them a reason to watch your team. If the entire plan was to prepare to develop players with high ceilings by getting them in the second and third round then this would make perfect sense.

    I have a hard time reading Ireland. Part of me thinks he is crazy like a fox and another part of me thinks that he has naked pictures of Ross with a goat or something.

  • Airborne Paratrooper posted 2538 days ago

    Airborne Paratrooper

    What is Miami's 2014 compensation for losing Martin and Incognito? Martin quit the team. He was a second round draft pick. Does Miami get a compensatory pick for him? I understand how the compensation picks work. Miami should get more picks based on who is released after 2013.

  • Donovan Saint-Cloud posted 2692 days ago

    Donovan  Saint-Cloud

    Hello Thomas, is there an age requirement to write for Bleacher Report ? Just as you, I am a passionate fan of the Miami Dolphins and I wish to write about them.

  • Garrett Baker posted 2745 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    Hey Thomas, don't know if you saw my message but just wanted to say I love the most recent mock draft you did, definitely made me re-look at some of my own rankings and evaluations. Great stuff and thanks for what you do!

  • Steven Miro posted 2842 days ago

    Steven Miro


  • Kat Nelson posted 2877 days ago

    Kat Nelson

    Well another ereporter that has opinion on CBs. I would want you to review the game enitrely before you would give RJ a B for a grade. I guess you missed the missed block on special teams and how he was beat 3/4 of the time down field. Good thing they did throw deep on him because the score could of been worse. Sean is not as good as the media portrays. So he showed up for a game or two. He has played every down and every game. His stats should be higher on the team stats. Nolan Carroll had 1 rough game and has played less full games and shares with RG and his numbers are high. Please before you rattle of your opinion please review time in game and how many games played with or without mistakes before you grade RG a B and Nolan Carroll a C