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I’ve been a professional writer and television producer for more than 30 years, covering a range of topics. But the two for which I’m best-known are true crime and professional wrestling.

I’m a third-generation wrestling fan, after being introduced to the “sport of kings” by my paternal grandparents, both immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Bruno Sammartino fans. My mother was partial to Antonino Rocca. Once, after some childhood infraction, she forbade me from watching a wrestling broadcast on a Spanish UHF station. But eventually, I persuaded her to turn it on “just to check.” If memory serves me correctly, Freddie Blassie was having some type of altercation with the Great Goliath. As soon as my mother saw that, the television remained on for the remainder of the hour.

I ended up authoring Freddie Blassie’s autobiography, as well as those of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Superstar Billy Graham. I was also on retainer for WWE, writing for the company’s magazines and website, for more than two decades.
As a lifetime New Yorker, I always felt a great deal of affinity with WWE, since the company was originally a regional territory representing the northeastern United States. But I’ve studied other promotions, as well, and the styles that made them distinct. One of the most satisfying aspects of working for WWE was traveling around the world and meeting international stars like Marty Jones in the UK and Keiji Mutoh in Japan.

In addition to authoring more than 30 non-fiction children’s books, I’ve written a number of true crime books, as well as a chronicle of John Lennon’s final days. I currently work full-time at NBC News, primarily producing hour-long crime shows for MSNBC’s documentary unit.

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  • Biased IWC posted 1514 days ago

    Biased IWC

    I think you should write an article about the fact that there is no competition to wwe BECAUSE wrestling isn't as big as it used to be. Especially with mma becoming mainstream.

    There is really only room for ONE big wrestling promotion.

  • Ratul Raj posted 1640 days ago

    Ratul Raj

    You write excellent articles.

  • Enzo Amore posted 1702 days ago

    Enzo Amore

    Love your articles , they might be underated by you are by far one of the best writer in br.....

  • Rollins4Life posted 1759 days ago


    Man, I am jealous for how you have been able to spend time around the wrestling business for so long. You should write an article about your personal experiences as a fan and worker within WWE:)

  • The Merc With a Mouth posted 1760 days ago

    The Merc With a Mouth

    Wonderful job!!!

  • Ryan Zavala posted 1760 days ago

    Ryan Zavala

    Great articles mate, keep up the excellent work!

  • Tolou lava posted 1760 days ago

    Tolou lava

    hey man, what an awesome article on andre! were the stories from butcher & bret done recently in person/phone? i only ask b/c i'd love to bring up your piece the next time i see Mr. Vachon..... i love chatting with when i see him a couple times each year at local events here in Vermont.
    anyway, thanks again for a super piece of writing!

  • Pedro SanJorge posted 1866 days ago

    Pedro SanJorge

    Man awesome job on that DDP Yoga article, just had to let you know, and is good to see this guys help each other, I do hope Hunter and WWE helps out also, I never really liked DDP i just didn't like his body looks he looked old and he would actually get big push by WCW and now i see why this guy was so special, loyal to WCW, well he finally got OVER with me now, Much Respect to DDP! now off to youtube to watch some of his matches in a different light! ..

  • Ben Miller posted 1867 days ago

    Ben Miller

    I enjoyed your article on DDP and DDP Yoga. He's a great guy who has done much to help people, celebrities and regular guys like me. I'm just some dude on the street, an anonymous disabled veteran who was about 460 lbs when I met DDP. I had also been on the international stage, but for a very different reason. I created a program to pair weight loss and food donations for food banks, using my own weight loss as an example.

    Long story short, I failed in front of the world and thought I was done. I gave up on myself after a relapse immediately after an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show. DDP didn't give up on me and won't give up on me.... I can't tell you how much that means to me and knowing he has saved my life (literally, I was eating myself to death), well, how do you thank someone for that? To learn more about me and what DDP has done for me, check out my website-

  • Chris Jericho The honest man posted 1911 days ago

    Chris Jericho  The honest man

    Keith, You are not a parasite. Well done.