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  • Thomas Mullaney posted 1084 days ago

    Thomas Mullaney

    Raida Dave, I always appreciate your comments. As an Oregon fan as well, I like seeing someone who supports The Ducks in a way that is both respectful and logical. Thanks for always leaving an insightful and positive comment! :)

  • johnny olden posted 1150 days ago

    johnny  olden

    Hey raida dave youre a fag

  • MarlonBrando'sHelper Monkey posted 1334 days ago

    MarlonBrando'sHelper Monkey

    The raiders are a dumpster fire

  • Mr.T's Gold Chain posted 1403 days ago

    Mr.T's Gold Chain

    Wanna come to my house and nail my sister? I wont tell anyone what you did with her as lets face it, shes a disgusting mess.. LOL you would cause you have no dignity (reference "you're a raiders fan")

    Wait wait wait, Raiders Nation? Hahahahaha thats like "irish cuisine!

    How sad the past few decades must have been for you! personally not sports related...

  • Raida Dave posted 1405 days ago

    Raida Dave

    Are you guys talking about my current picture or the Ducks picture?

  • Willie Lyles posted 1407 days ago

    Willie  Lyles

    USC will return to its rightful place as the best team in the PAC12 next year.....Oregon is done

  • Armored Goat posted 1407 days ago

    Armored Goat

    Got destroyed by the Ohio State! 3rd string QB and gifting 4 turnovers and still it wasn't very competitive. The SEC was over rated, the Ducks vastly Overrated and the Big Ten clearly underrated. Ohio state literally imposed their will. IMO Oregon was the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th best team this year. I guess there is always next year....

  • carpe diem posted 1411 days ago

    carpe diem

    Ditto. Love the front page. Wish we could see an enlarged picture. Tell us about it.

  • I AM KEYSER SOZE posted 1413 days ago


    What is that pic from?