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  • THE Damien Sandow posted 2436 days ago

    THE Damien Sandow

    you insisting that I indeed am another account and am not exclusive to the one by my name, Damien Sandow, is the very embodiment of irony. It is as if you are Sheamus and you are calling me generic, or that you are Randy Orton and you are calling me bland. Shameful at BEST. you RAPIO amentes. Sir if you truly expect anyone to acknowledge your fictional conflict about catching "Dr Egg man" then you are sadly mistaken. Ignorance is curable, but STUPID is forever. You're Welcome

  • THE Damien Sandow posted 2466 days ago

    THE Damien Sandow

    Sir the only thing that has been busted is your head, you disgruntled ignoramus. SILENCE. You're Welcome

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 2473 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Have u defeated Dr. Eggman and left B/R?

  • Sports Lover posted 2474 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Check out:

  • In JBL We Trust posted 2484 days ago

    In JBL We Trust

    Well, it sounds like you're well-intentioned then, Sonic. More so than I am at least! While you seek to protect the B/R from evildoers, I am here to remind everyone of the greatness of John Bradshaw Layfield, the longest-reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown TV history.

  • Ayeisha posted 2484 days ago


    I try to come on as often as I can but I usually just read the articles..

  • Sports Lover posted 2484 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Wassup with you protecting the world?

  • Ryu Tenzen posted 2484 days ago

    Ryu  Tenzen

    emolga. emol emolga emol. emolga emol.

    (nope. shes just misunderstood. thats all.)

  • THE Damien Sandow posted 2488 days ago

    THE Damien Sandow

    Well sir, if you can scientifically be proven as that, I am payed devious amounts of money to go in front of thousands of ignoramuses and take a fall courtesy of miscreants such as Ryback and John Cena, I would respect you in the following rebuttle if you actually had a grammatically correct post on my bulletin board, oh,
    You're WELCOME

  • Metabee posted 2490 days ago


    Sonic! da name's Metabee