Dave Hampton

Dave Hampton


I'm a soon to be 26 year old who didn't get into sports until I was about 17, but I have more than made up for it since then. I used to attend Central Michigan University, but have returned home to orchestrate a career change. I spent 4 years watching Dan LeFevour in person and can honestly say he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and will probably be a better QB than Tim TebWho will ever be.

I came of age in baseball in 2003, watching the Tigers lose 119 games that season. I cheered when they did well, and swore at them during their failures, but have clung to my team no matter what. Mike Maroth will forever be one of my favorites for the heart he showed as a Tiger.

I have tons of favorite players, spread out over most teams, and spend my energy rooting for the average-Joe type of guys that don't get as much love. It's easy to root for Albert Pujols because he wins MVPs every year(and I do like Pujols). But to me it means more to stick with the guys who don't and won't get 8 and 9 figure contracts in their careers and really have to fight to carve out their little niche.

Thanks for reading, it's people like you that keep this site going and inspire me to do what I do here.

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  • Ash Marshall posted 3674 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Dave,

    I'm writing articles about the MLB 9s and thought you'd be interested in the Detroit Tigers' piece.


    Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated.



  • Steve M posted 3675 days ago

    Steve M

    Hey Dave!

    If you could check this out and leave some feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lou Cappetta posted 3707 days ago

    Lou Cappetta

    Here's how we all voted. Thanks so much for the help. Enjoy.

  • A. Version 2.0 posted 3735 days ago

    A. Version 2.0


    I really hope this can be a good read, let me know if you like it.

    Its a good debate.




  • Austin Drake posted 3754 days ago

    Austin Drake

    If you have a Twitter, can you PLEASE follow DetTigersDen. It's the Twitter for a new blog dedicated to Tigers coverage that will be launched on Sept. 19th.


  • D.A. posted 3757 days ago


    Hey Dave,

    Miguel Cabrera should be the frontrunner for the AL MVP:



  • D.A. posted 3773 days ago


    Hey Dave,

    Kevin Youkilis set a terrible example for children and was wrong in charging a rookie pitcher.