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Moose has an extensive history both in sports and creative writing, though he has accomplished little with either. A four letter varsity athlete in High School, Moose went on to college and was talked into trying out for the JV baseball team. He made it, but losing to a high school team is indicative of the talent level on his squad.

His big highlight of the year was when he was called in from his customary position of shortstop to pitch in the 4th inning of a game agains an actual college. 8 warmup pitches later, he was pitching from the stretch and facing a batter with a 2 - 0 count. It took just two pitches to finish the walk (charged to the starting pitcher) and 4 more to load the bases with one out. Moose gained his composure in time to keep his runner from scoring, but not the other 2, and made it through the next inning unscathed. Despite this brilliant effort, resulting in an 0.00 ERA, Moose was not asked to pitch again.

His pitching dreams did not end there, however, as he helped found what is almost certain to be the worst adult baseball team of all time. The Vultures, debuting in 1984, lost 21 straight games in their inaugural season, although they did hold the lead in the bottom of the last inning once. Moose blew the save. Among his many accomplishments that year, Moose proudly recalls his favorite - striking out the side against one of the better teams in the league. What is most noteworthy about this event is that he struck out one batter twice! You might not find that feat recorded in the annals of major league history.

Moose has dabbled in many other sports and has had marginal success in most of them. He finished second in his company's first annual Horse Tournament, some say wisely falling to the CEO in the finals. The company then organized a ping pong tournament and Moose again finishes second, losing 19-21, 22-20, 15-21 in a thrilling final match. Moose points out that while his opponent owned his own paddle, Moose played with a generic store brand model.

An experienced outdoor volleyball player, Moose finished - you guessed it - second in the Lake Tahoe Grass Doubles Tournament one year. Moose was paid a nice complement in a college soccer class when a Brazilian student told him, "You're pretty good" Moose was pleased that someone who had played his entire life would say such a nice thing. The Brazilian then added, "for an American."

Another memorable moment includes getting beat 15-1 and 15-0 by a client in racquetball. the client, taking pity on his vanquished foe, said he'd play left handed in the next game. Well, Moose had done this kind of thing hundreds of times, never realizing how humiliating it was, and he agreed to play one more game. Moose played left handed as well, and gained a measure of revenge by easily beating the client in the left handed game. The client, clearly unhappy with this development, went back to playing righty and handed Moose another 15-1 whipping.

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