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  • Anthony Spivey posted 2814 days ago

    Anthony Spivey

    Look, let me start out by apologizing. You understand how easy it is to get carried away with these kinds of things. I was a little perplexed as to why you found it necessary to post on my bulletin board and reply to my comment in such a way. It is natural for anyone to be irritated and confused when someone takes an insightful discussion and turns it into something heated. I did not mean to offend you with the posts on your wall. Me and you will probably disagree in the future on things of this matter. You are obviously an intelligent guy, so can we agree to have intelligent discussions in the future?
    Yes I was out of line with the posts, but I had my reasons, and they were good ones. But, after looking at your wall I realized that is not the kind of person I am. I am sure that your comments are not the kind of person you are.
    My apologies

  • Austen Adock posted 2869 days ago

    Austen  Adock

    ok wayne... i am gonna write slowly, that way you can understand.

    up until two weeks before signing day, Tyrann Mathieu was a 2 star CB. You still with me? with about 1 1/2 weeks before NSD, Rivals changed him to a 4 star. If you use logic, no four star prospect is only going to recieve 2 offers. Do you understand? Here is a link via TigerDroppings.com below. It comes from a respected LSU blogger.


    if that doesnt work, google "Tyrann Mathieu 2 star prospect" it will be the first link on your screen. So... in review... what have we learned?
    We learned that it is not smart to actually post on someones wall without doing your homework... You just lost this arguement

  • Bleacher Report posted 2874 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    McSpecial, McMildy, or however you want to say it is an absolute bona fide idiot. He actually tried to spin it as if I initiated the statements. He is delusional at best and mildly retarded at worse. And I'm not joking.

  • Larry Burton posted 2915 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Hey man, thanks for all the likes....

  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 2916 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    "I'm confused as to where the dislike of McElwain comes from. "

    I meant to address this with you earlier, so I'm posting here to make sure you see it—

    I think where the dislike comes from is the trend of going too conservative at the most critical times as well as not going to the "best players" at crunch time here and there. The conservative stuff seems to happen at the start of second halves (2009 Texas, 2010 Auburn) and the "best player" comes at others (2011 LSU, Richardson should have had 40 carries, and why throw a halfback pass in THAT game).

    He has a nice median where he coaches, and that's good for 95% of the time. The other 5% is where the biggest, most important games lie. I was quite happy to see the flea flicker in the Iron Bowl this year, but let's face it, even if that had backfired, we were not going to be in danger of losing that game. Which is exactly why, IMO, that calls was even sent in to begin with.

  • Ian Berg posted 2939 days ago

    Ian Berg


    It is not just message board fodder it is truth. They played at Georgia Tech under...Bill Curry. Go figure. Anyway, my thoughts are that I am not surprised. Any time there is a tie to a recruit and a coach it is an edge that is important. Zeke is a good quarterback prospect from the looks of things, but he is extremely raw and has to mature in his game. Playing for one of the worst teams in Kentucky doesn't necessarily develop skills perfectly. I think Zeke is a good prospect with a ton of upside so it is a good pickup for Auburn. If Auburn would not have had to back off of Winston, I think they would prefer to pick up the instate guy. Who knows, and that is simply my opinion. Here is a link to a report about the two playing at Tech in the 80's.


  • Larry Burton posted 2945 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Hell I'm on vacation in Curacao, so I'm either hung over or under the water... (G)

  • Larry Burton posted 2957 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the like on the recruiting story, but no comment? I always like to know your thoughts...

  • Ian Berg posted 2970 days ago

    Ian Berg


    Thanks for following. I am glad that I project an unbiased approach. That has been and always will be my focus, especially while covering the gamut of college football topics. I will post within the next 5 days an article breaking down position by position analysis of both teams and the prediction of the winner. Thanks again for following. I will post on your board when it is up.


    Ian B

  • Larry Burton posted 3048 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Love ya man, you're such a friend... Hey! When we gonna get you writing again? It's almost "suit 'em up" time and we could use the stories... (G)