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  • CM PUNK posted 2370 days ago

    CM  PUNK

    Victory Is Mine!!

  • The GOAT VII posted 2572 days ago

    The GOAT VII

    cm punk?

  • CM Punk posted 2577 days ago

    CM Punk

    How dare you make a parody account of me?? You are showing disrespect to the Best In The World!!! Get Lost before I put you to sleep!!

  • Karan posted 2580 days ago


    Congrats on your victory Punk!!!

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 2583 days ago


    Hey Phil.

    Are you planning on wrestling this Sunday? If so, I'll know to tune in so I can see the Best in the World vs The best in the world at everything he does once again.

    Btw we got another one over here.

  • Karan posted 2599 days ago


    I am your biggest fan!!! XD

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 2600 days ago


    Hey Punk.

    Looks like you have ANOTHER impostor trying to impersonate you again.

    Where do these losers come from?

  • curtis axel posted 2602 days ago

    curtis axel

    its a deal

  • curtis axel posted 2603 days ago

    curtis axel

    look man i don't have time for this so just stop arguing with me nothing more needs to be said

  • curtis axel posted 2603 days ago

    curtis axel

    yeah and your just some nerd who doesn't have anything better to do than to impersonate a very respectable man i mean dude get a LIFE!!!!!