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  • The Cowardula posted 2470 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Idk about that, but I would be really shocked if either of those guys left

  • The Cowardula posted 2527 days ago

    The Cowardula

    I can't see Westbrook AND Durant both leave the Thunder. Durant is too loyal, but if he does leave, Westbrook will stay and be the lead dog on HIS own team.

  • The Cowardula posted 2527 days ago

    The Cowardula

    That had to be... the MOST STUPID thing I have read in my life lol. Jalen Rose says MJ was in a hangover in the flu game, but he sure as hell sounds drunk now

  • Dan Riaz posted 2541 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Welcome to BR

  • The Cowardula posted 2545 days ago

    The Cowardula

    LOL that article was GARBAGE

  • Alondra Issabell posted 2546 days ago

    Alondra Issabell


  • The Cowardula posted 2552 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Hey dude, I changed my profile from KD is a Legend to this one. So defan that one if u want and fan this one. And where have u been???

  • KD is a legend posted 2654 days ago

    KD is a legend


  • Emily Cheung posted 2667 days ago

    Emily Cheung

    man are u desperate?