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Done with Bleacher Report:

I figured that I would provide an explenation as to why I am leaving for the few that may be interested. Over the past month or so I have become extremely dissapointed with the quality of articles here on BR. And to be frank some of the stuff just flat out sucks. I am not claiming to be a literary scholar or an excellent writer but I sure as hell never thought that I would see the day when one paragraph articles would be featured on the front page. Also some of the topics posted tend to be extremely irrelevant. For instance, why do we need to have every other freakin article be a countdown? I honestly could care less about "The top 26 wrestlemania wrestlers" or "The 26 best Wrestlemania matches". Now I have no clue if those are actual articles, but I'm sure someone has written a pile of garbage like that. I also have another gripe. Who's idea was it to change the format of bleacher report? With seniority gone who is in charge? Without rankings or a featured writers part of the page people feel like they can come here on the site and be considered "the best here". I would prefer to have a set list of guys (NO NOT ME!) that are featured and are given seniority. Guys like Chris Mueller, Joe Burgett, and other guys that have been here forever. Sorry If I didn't mention your name, and if you don't like the guys that I mentioned, GET OVER IT! I'm not into the whole political b.s. on this site. So I do bid thee farwell and I'm done writing. Feel free to leave a comment on my board and I'll get back to you. Figured I would let those that were interested know my reasons for leaving.

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  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 3780 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    Got fed up with Bleacher, eh? Does that mean you are going to be exclusive to TSD now? Yeah we finally changed the name. Btw are you any good with myspace?

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 3811 days ago


    Do you know if WWE 24/7 On Demand has every episode and PPV of WWE?

  • Joseph Daniel posted 3812 days ago

    Joseph Daniel

    Heres a new One

  • Joseph Daniel posted 3815 days ago

    Joseph Daniel

  • Miss Annie posted 3821 days ago

    Miss Annie

    Hey Scott....

    Hmm, i'm sure you know what this is about...

  • Ash Marshall posted 3823 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Thanks for the feedback, Scott. I really enjoyed reading your article and I'm glad I could help.

    I grew up watching WWF in the days of In Your House, Bad Blood, and Unforgiven, so I can relate to your feeling towards the PPV names. I remember when King of the Ring was a big deal and when Survivor Series actually had the proper elimination matches. Ah the good ol' days.


  • Can you vote again? Sorry! I accidently deleted my poll!

  • Kyle Mo posted 3824 days ago

    Kyle Mo

  • What kind of mark are you?

  • Siva Prasad posted 3827 days ago

    Siva Prasad

    Shameless plugging aside, do check out my latest article. We've got a new No.1 Contender in TNA!