Heather Fox

Heather Fox


I am a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Psychology and Sociology- both top 13 programs. I am currently in graduate school for my MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

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  • Josh Wilson posted 2294 days ago

    Josh Wilson

    degrees in psychology and sociology huh...those were definitely worth the money -_-

  • Josh Wilson posted 2294 days ago

    Josh Wilson

    another alamo bowl bid for the horns this year? If they're lucky...

  • michael posted 2373 days ago


    "Seriously- you need to not write about sports anymore- it requires research and verification of facts and acknowledgment of rumors. Another thing that is helpful is objectivity and fairness. I mean can you at least TRY for a few of these things? However, I am noticing that WVU is similar to atm...whiny, bitchy, inferior, jealous, hateful and completely BLIND and DEAF to the facts. You are actually losing credibility with your bullshit petty "agenda". Enjoy your little playground while Texas is in turmoil (and still can beat you, lol) just wait loser...Texas will come back and beat your second rate hillbilly asses year after year."


  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 2840 days ago


    Thanks for the comment, glad my physique could make you smile.

  • Brad Berry posted 3148 days ago

    Brad Berry

    Thank you very much for your Like on my article about the SWC.

  • Rob Grane posted 3265 days ago

    Rob Grane

    Myth: "Texas left the Pac-10 hanging and never had any intention." Fact: Texas had every intention to join the Pac-10 but the conference said no to the Longhorn Network. Myth: "Nebraska threw a fit and left the Big 12 because it just could not compete." Fact: Nebraska very well competed as evidence by making the Big12 Title Game 6 times and winning it in 1997 over Texas A&M (54-15) and in 1999 over Texas (22-6). NU left for more money, better culture fit with Big Ten schools, more stable conference, geography and it had nothing to do with Texas as much as you like to think it did. You have a lot of misconceptions about anything not related to Texas. A common theme applied to the Longhorn fan base.

  • Justin Grimes posted 3430 days ago

    Justin Grimes

    Maybe they could stick with 8 teams and call it the Big 8! That was a great Conference!!! A return to the old days would be nice!

  • Matt H posted 3481 days ago

    Matt H

    @ Heather Fox, Ohio State has more Natl. Championships, more heisman trophies, and since 1999 the NFL draft picks are tOSU-70 texas-38. BTW- After texas's awesome 5-7 season they are the ones who aren't very threatening. Good luck in your bowl game...wait nevermind

  • Will Danielson posted 3551 days ago

    Will Danielson

    Hey I am sorry for the inappropriate comment by Dave Matthews. He is really annoying us Notre Dame fans...

  • john cory posted 3551 days ago

    john cory

    I am sad to see you have to put up with comments from Dave Matthews. If you check out his posts you will realize the guy lacks a lot. I hope you reported his comment to the site. HOOK EM!!!!!!