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I'm a bit of a motorsports fiend, to be honest with you. I'm a father, a husband, and a purveyor of fine arts and Coca-Cola. Granted, Stephen King may be my idol, but I'm pretty amazing. I'm a former newspaper editor (Hall County Herald in Memphis, TX), and a 2010 graduate of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (with a BA in, you guessed it, Communication). I also have a Twitter (@JosephShelton88), and you're more than welcome to follow me, but I only use it so I can be a bit of a jerk. Go Sooners!

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  • david watts posted 2207 days ago

    david watts

    you must be one of those guys still in the closet, or enjoy watching the gay racing of indy. oh he blocked they almost touched so we need to black flag him. son real racing has contact just like real football back in the day had real contact not like the democratic football now, where if you touch him the wrong way theres a penalty. if you don't like real racing then just turn it to watch oprah or boring racing where you can get some tea and watch formula 1 or indy racing. that racing sucks. those guys couldn't race a real car. yes some guys at any local venue are stupid i admit but most just like anybody are respectful and things happen. if you're the type just like a damn democrat that just looks for the negative. leave the true americans alone. be a man and come down here and let's just see what happens otherwise shut up. pansy

  • Adam Bennet posted 2376 days ago

    Adam Bennet

    ruth dude!

  • Mark Westrick posted 2450 days ago

    Mark Westrick

  • ALLEN jAMES posted 2552 days ago


    How much did you have to drink before you wrote this piece of crap. My first question, why is Danica not part of this BS list. But you've got Brad, JR I'm surprise Kyle not on the list. I hope you don't get paid for this BS you wrote. Case in point Jr has been in the top 10 since race 1, why has he been fingered as an underachiever because he has not won a race. Will he's anything but an underachiever, for not winning a race and still in the top 10. Then Martin Truex Jr. is another driver that has been close to win a race and he stands 10 in the Chase how is that underachieving some one has to explain it to me. As for Brad He has been fighting every weekend to get into the top 10, were as you have Danica whose been interviewed from time to time has no clue what happen why it happen just flat out clueless. But yet you named Brad no 1 is a slap in the face of Keselowski it's like all he has done nothing to get to 8th place in the chase. Quit writing if this is the best you can do.

    I just don't see it, It looks like you picked drivers who you don't like. Some shouldn't be named the 10 biggest Underachievers for 2013. here is my list maybe you should use it JOSEPH SHELTON .

    NO1 Danica
    NO2 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
    NO3 Denny Hamlin
    NO4 Jeff Gordon
    NO5 Tony Stewart
    NO6 Jamie McMurray
    NO7 Ryan Newman
    NO8 Paul Menard
    NO9 Jeff Burton
    NO10 Juan Pablo Montoya

  • Corey Schoonover posted 2672 days ago

    Corey Schoonover

    Congrat's your top 10 best looking stock car list might be the worst top 10 list bleacher report has ever done, and thats saying a lot