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  • 9erGal posted 2059 days ago



  • 9erGal posted 2071 days ago


    What's happening to our 9ers???!! I don't like Kaeps presses... he's a little lame.

  • 9erGal posted 2092 days ago


    Giants are comin' alive again!! BOOM!

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 2114 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Hey Randy. This is AHF! Long time no speak huh?

  • Luke Walton posted 2143 days ago

    Luke Walton

    Your boy Luke is back! Let the world know! I'm comin outta retirement!

  • 9erGal posted 2201 days ago


    I think the 9ers did well in the draft. I don't know a lot about the players picked, but from what I'm hearing we did pretty darn good. Needed S, CB, WR and RB, IMO and we got all that. The 9ers have only ONE RB right now, and he's getting up there in age. The others don't WOW me too much. Do you like the Stevie Johnson move?? I do.

    Looks like Kerr is coming to the Warriors. We will see how that goes.

    Giants are freakkikking on fire. What a fun season so far... need to get my butt to a game! So fun to have our way with the Dodgers and Braves!

  • 9erGal posted 2209 days ago


    Giants were doing great until they hit Pitts. 1-2 in that series and all very close games, but they may have been fried from the ATL sweep. Giants have their issues, but they certainly have what it takes. Cain's cut finger kinda threw a damper in pitching rotation for that P. series. That Petit guy isn't so good as SP. Bull Pen is doing awesome. Belt needs to get his act together. He hit a few runs in today, but then blows it with his fielding. Lincecum had another terrible outing, just when I thought he was out of the woods, lol. We are not getting any production from the bench, Arias, Blanco and that new kid Adrianza?? Oh, and PABLOW, I'm not even going to say anything about Panda, except he's hard to watch, haha. When we are clicking on all cylinders, we are definitely contenders.

    Did you watch any of the Sharks or Warriors playoffs?? So damn depressing :(

  • Jayson Caldwell posted 2234 days ago

    Jayson Caldwell

    Yes, I like to change my username a lot.

  • 9erGal posted 2236 days ago


    I hope it will last!! Belt and Pagan are really busting the bats. Posey is having a much better year. Can't say much for Pablo and Pence... yet.

    Boy, I don't see Lincecum ever being close to what he used to be. Guy looks so lost out there. Sad.

  • York and Baalke Must Be Lovers posted 2238 days ago

    York and Baalke Must Be Lovers

    What are you, locked up??? Been pretty quiet lately!!!