Greetings, my name is Marcel Davis. Currently, I'm a senior journalism student at Old Dominion University and an intern at B/R.

I'm an avid sports fan and follower of the San Francisco 49ers, Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Indians.My military brat background would explain the various locales of my favorite teams.

Due to my extensive injury history, I am yet another athlete who has turned to sports writing.

I also dabble in sports lines. Check me out, I get my Darrelle Revis on. http://www.wagerminds.com/Profile/CoverKorner25

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mar_CelDavis24

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  • Jay G. posted 1135 days ago

    Jay G.

    In your article you say the Redskins are 1-4 against the Falcons. I'm not sure if you mean all-time or not because you don't specify. "The two teams have met each other 24 times (including 1 postseason game), with the Atlanta Falcons winning 8 games and the Washington Redskins winning 15 games. They have also tied 1 time."


  • Jay G. posted 1135 days ago

    Jay G.

    The two teams have met each other 24 times (including 1 postseason game), with the Atlanta Falcons winning 8 games and the Washington Redskins winning 15 games. They have also tied 1 time.

  • oscar lindogan posted 1163 days ago

    oscar lindogan

    "The Redskins now have the blueprint for victory. Question is, will they execute it?

    The answer is no. More games are lost than won in the NFL—the 2015 season opener being one of them." Marcel Davis

    Maybe I don't get it, but I always thought that 50% won and 50% lost. Someone please explain the quote above!

  • Sine kebede posted 1377 days ago

    Sine  kebede

    Hi My name is Sine and I have a project about salary caps and I was wondering if I can interview you and ask a couple questions. Please contact me at etsaron@yahoo.com

  • Brandt Heatherington posted 1516 days ago

    Brandt Heatherington

    Not to nitpick but it should be "eludes" here not "alludes": The offense moved the ball at will, and the defense completely neutralized one of the NFL's top players. Even with that said, it's consistency that still alludes this team.

  • Christian Russell posted 1520 days ago

    Christian Russell

    Marcel, please check out this video - it's about Phil Sims and the Redskins. It's a must watch.

    Thanks - Christian


  • Dwight Sweatt posted 1766 days ago

    Dwight Sweatt

    Whats up Marcel, I've responded to a few of your comments on here just recently. I actually just found out you go to ODU. I go to ODU as well and I am a senior Sports Management major. I'd love to get a chance to talk to you and see what you did to get in the position you are now. It's great to know people in this area that are interested in the sport's field like I am!


  • Aaron Abdelhak posted 1854 days ago

    Aaron Abdelhak

    Will the real Broncos please stand up?

    Are you the magnificent Super Bowl bound offensive powerhouse that will only get better after Miller and Bailey return. Next week.

    Or the poorly coached mistake prone team with no defense beating weak teams. Masked by an incredible offense. Yes the game was close because Denver has one of the greatest offenses ever. But we lost anyway. Three weeks in a row now we look bad (or, are you desperate enough to talk Jacksonville).

    What did you see tonight?

    Wait till Kansas City. They have a defense not excuses.

    And coaches who can't sit on their heels and count on Manning.