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I was born in Milan, Italy and moved to Miami when I was eight. Despite the near-impossible task of getting quality Serie A coverage in the States during the mid-90s, I managed to always find a bar with my Father to watch Serie A matches every weekend. Later on in life, it got to the point where I would purposely do my University schedule around Champions League matches.

I started writing for ESPN Soccernet in 2008 and was their Milan correspondent for four years. After that I joined beIN Sport USA in Miami as a Producer and Serie A pundit. I appear once a week on Sirius XM FC as their Serie A correspondent.

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  • Jose Cantarero posted 2085 days ago

    Jose Cantarero

    I love your work please don't stop covering the Serie A you're the best.

    PS your awesome on Bein

  • joseph baccellieri posted 2418 days ago

    joseph baccellieri

    Hi Matteo, I am a big fan of your writing and enjoy your commentary on twitter as well. I have been thinking about this particular topic for awhile now and I am quasi-surprised that subject has never been broached. It can be said that Nigel de Jong has been Milan's most consistent player this season; but he contributes almost nothing offensively as he lies deep in the midfield and serves as protection for our 2 central defenders. Seeing that Adil Rami has made a difference and played admirably, then why not slot de jong back to play along side rami. He handles the ball well, he is a superb defender, and can jumpstart the attack from his usual position. I would then slot Essien in the midfield along with Cristante Cristante serving as more of a midfield playmaker.
    Watching Montolivo come in off the bench against Napoli and the role he played, it occurs to me that he should be playing up front providing service and setting up our striker around the box. So I line him up in the middle between Honda and Balotelli with Kaka or Pazzini up front. Of course this would change when il Faraone returns. But why not de jong in the middle of the defense with rami flanked by abate and de sciglio. Maybe I'm wrong, but at this point why wouldn't Seedorf tinker?

  • sid nair posted 2437 days ago

    sid nair

    Hello Matteo, huge fan of your articles, day in and day out , you dish out superb articles about Milan. I was wondering what's wrong with Milan they have a pretty good squad, ON PAPER but why are they not performing. What is the issue with Milan.
    Can the transfer market be the answer to their issues, now that they have even changed the coach and still not be able to beat mediocre teams who don't boast big names on paper.
    If so can you write an article identify the issues, positions which need strengthening and the players they should buy to become a force again at least in Italy.

  • Ibra Diallo posted 2441 days ago

    Ibra Diallo

    Hello, I'm a fan of your articles. Could you write an on transfer targets that may be good for Milan ? Also I'd like to know what you think of Antoine Griezmann at Milan and how he would fit in if he were to join Milan.

  • Alan Frank posted 2459 days ago

    Alan Frank

    Who do you think will replace Braida and Allegri at Milan????

  • Erik i Tuni posted 2461 days ago

    Erik i Tuni

    Hi. Have you seen any Hellas Verona games with Michelangelo Albertazzi? 4 serie a and 2 coppa games isint too bad. And here is a fine preformance all the way back in 2012 at left back? With all the screaming going on for a left back, do you think he should be given a chance? at least as backup?

  • Alan Frank posted 2513 days ago

    Alan Frank

    Matteo You have written the best articles for AC milan!

  • Yafet Andemariam posted 2570 days ago

    Yafet Andemariam

    You put Meazza instead of Rivera on the following paragraph. "Known for his surgically placed passes, Meazza could cut open an entire defense in a split second. Apart from this, he also had a scoring touch and was lethal in his era." in the top 20 Italian players in the first slide.

  • Francesco Amorosino posted 2577 days ago

    Francesco Amorosino

    If I ever make one you'll be the first to know!

  • Matteo Bonetti posted 2577 days ago

    Matteo Bonetti

    Thanks for all the good comments guys -- cheers!