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The name is Chris. I have lots of opinions and I love feedback. Follow me on Twitter @whooyouknowit

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  • Vinayak Chandra posted 2206 days ago

    Vinayak Chandra

    What happened to the greatest entrance of all time stuff?

  • Nikhilesh Edge posted 2211 days ago

    Nikhilesh Edge

    im waiting for bracketology vi

  • Aussie Shark posted 2214 days ago

    Aussie Shark

    What happened to the next round of greatest entrance theme

  • Sports Lover posted 2229 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Love your "greatest of all time" articles.

  • CRP1 posted 2233 days ago


    Are you still doing Yahoo fantasy analysis or only BR?

  • mas fin posted 2238 days ago

    mas fin

    Will you please keep doing the fantasy for nascar? i think that if it keeps going more people will catch onto it

  • Jerrick Braxton posted 2245 days ago

    Jerrick Braxton

    where's the fantasy challenge... ?

  • Matt Rogers posted 2250 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    Are you still doing the Tag Team Tournament?

  • Rollins4Life posted 2263 days ago


    Fanned you. Your GOAT tournament was awesome work! Keep it up!

  • Rollins4Life posted 2263 days ago


    I would love to see The Miz and Morrison in the tag team tournament, thought that I would post this, since you wrote in your latest article that you wanted to have some thoughts on teams that should be included. but yeah, Miz and Morrison. Thanks:)