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Gary Brown is the founder of College Sports Matchups. At CSM you will find news, stats and game previews for all of the BCS conferences.

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  • yehonala04 posted 3716 days ago


    Thanks .The wonderful flawed medeival anachronism we have now will disappear in 3-5 years. The 800 lb gorilla that no one will speak of is Title IX.The cost and expansion of womens athletics at the collegiate level is the unseen driving force behind exp.Where and how do you pay for these programs?If your uni. recvs. Fed. funding in any area the folks at Justice and Ed. get to help determine how Uncle Sugars $ are spent. The pvt.and religous aff. uni. which were hitherto immune have awkened to a new day.The Fed. people are going to drive this mule as far as the courts will allow. The current BCS is I fear going to morph itself into a 2 or 3 tier system of diminising return for those who are unable to spend 100 million or more. Good Fortune to you Sir.

  • yehonala04 posted 3727 days ago


    Thank you. Look forward to more intelligent thought on ,this and other issues involving America's greatest game,COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

  • Adam Biggers posted 3752 days ago

    Adam Biggers

    Gary, I wanted to tell you that you couldn't be more wrong about Mr. March; Tom Izzo. Please research the man before you blast the greatest active college basketball coach (along with Mike Krzyzewski). You used half quotes and tried to paint a negative picture of one of the most dominant programs in the nation. Six Final Fours in 12 years speaks volumes. All of Izzo's four-year players have reached the Final Four. He runs a clean, classy program, and is beloved in East Lansing for what he's done for the area (other than basketball). Come on, Gary.

  • Parker Shields posted 3754 days ago

    Parker  Shields

    Mr Gary

    Here is an article, I wrote to get ready for next season, didnt mean to publish so early, but here it is.

  • Parker Shields posted 3775 days ago

    Parker  Shields

    Hey Mr. Gary,

    I was wondering if you could read my latest two articles and tell me what you thought.


  • Ja Ja Ja Joey posted 3842 days ago

    Ja Ja Ja Joey

    Thanks for congragulating us on our season. I partially agree with what your saying. I dont want to get too unrealistic and think we'd take on Bama right now, or even a team with a defense like Neb. Im stuck in the middle of BSU fans and Bronco haters. No are strength of schedule should not have us in the bcs title right now, but do we deserve more respect then bsu doubters are giving... YES. Despite strength of schedule we are a top five team and we are only losing two starters (five players) so expect more bronco success.

  • Patrick Halpin posted 3875 days ago

    Patrick Halpin

    "There was no thrill for the Sooners or Tide in playing these games. They had their sites on national titles and anything less was a letdown."

    Pure BCS homer rhetoric. Nothing else. So, you're telling me that 'Bama allowed themselves to be taken apart on national TV by an inferior team from a lousy conference because they didn't make it to the BCS Championship? You must think we're all stupid.