Straight Edge Sociopath.

Straight Edge Sociopath.

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  • Karan posted 2177 days ago


    May crores of lamps lighten up your life
    With endless happiness, richness,
    Health & wealth forever
    Wishing you and your family a very
    Happy Diwali :)

  • Karan posted 2218 days ago


  • Karan posted 2248 days ago


    I am leaving BR for now...... Take care!! Bye!! :)

  • The GOAT XI posted 2253 days ago

    The  GOAT XI

    sorry but I keep getting flagged by that ret@rd cm mox

  • The Viper posted 2254 days ago

    The Viper

    Yes. She is freaking hot.

  • Karan posted 2265 days ago


    LOL!! These are Awesome!! XDXD

    Thanks a lot for the link!! I never saw them!! :D

  • Long Live The GOAT posted 2272 days ago

    Long Live The GOAT

    you still haven't fanned me :(

  • which one? all of em or just a certain one?

  • The Uppercut posted 2273 days ago

    The Uppercut

    Thanks and yah I'm becoming a huge fan of Cesaro I never got to watch him in the indy's but since he come to WWE I'm becoming a big time fan

  • Shah Ransh posted 2276 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    Well, nothing much mate. Been busy. :/