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  • Plenti posted 1640 days ago


    Just wanted to say, after thinking about it, you're right. OJ Howard would be a good fit for the pack. I didnt think of him right away, cause his stats dont pop, but thats cause Bama puts such an emphasis on running the ball, and hes actually a great run blocker. His route running his sloppy, but who better to help correct that then A Rodgers haa

  • Hacobo posted 1650 days ago


    What do you think the Leafs will do this trade deadline? I can see them either selling or staying put, but I want them to sell. Guys like Paranteau, Bozak, Matthias, etc. have all boosted their trade values this season and we could be able to get a second out of them, or maybe a first/B level prospect. I wan't them to tank hard for Matthews but with Babcock that obviously won't happen

  • Pats Fan posted 1652 days ago

    Pats Fan

    If Rex hires Schwartz to run the 4-3 defense, I can see the bills becoming a threat in 2016.

  • Gronkasaurus posted 1656 days ago


    Bills are Trash, Mccaffrey will be a bust

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1665 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan


  • Andy Keith posted 1666 days ago

    Andy Keith

    Andy Keith

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1666 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Its me jeus christ

  • The Thunderbolt posted 1668 days ago

    The Thunderbolt

    get Norman's balls out of your mouth nerd.

  • Moose Watkins posted 1677 days ago

    Moose Watkins

    hows it going

  • Moose Watkins posted 1677 days ago

    Moose Watkins

    yea I guess