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  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 2645 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Hahaha. Well, if you are the real Arvydas, that would be perty incredible. Growing up in Alaska and Oregon, Ive never had the opportunity to meet anyone like that before. That is, if you don't count playing highschool ball against Tragent Langden.

    Anyway, I'm not one of these fans that pretends to know whats going on with the players I love most. But watching Sabonis (on tv, not live at the games because I was usually up in the nose bleeds) It always seemed by the expressions that he was battling some severe pain in his knees and legs. Yet through it all, he was a hell of soldier for that Blazer squad. And once the ball was in play, he never let it effect him. That to me was always amazing. I guess because I was born with screwed up legs (inverted feet) and had to wear braces on my legs through most of my years as a toddler. They were mostly corrected, but playing ball in highschool, my legs constantly hurt, and I spent plenty of hours just soaking in a hot tub of water. lol!! So every time they zoomed in during a dead ball or time out, and he had that sort of grimmacing look on his face as he wiped the sweat from his brows, I was feeling for the guy, and equally amazed at how he'd just keep producing for us despite it all. I could be dead wrong, not knowing what was truly going on in his head, but to perform like he did, one ESPN highlight after the other, and to think he was doing it under those type of conditions. My god very impressive. Always #1 big man on my list.

    Regardless of wether or not your really him, I see your a Nascar fan too. I've seen you on some of the Nascar slides and you always have some good insight there. I don't comment on NASCAR slides much, because I'm a fairly new follower of the sport. I went to work for FedEx Express when I moved to Texas in 2005. I was working at their regional hub at Alliance Airport, right next door to Texas Motor Speedway. It was Denny Hamlin's rookie season, and they had him and his car make an appearance out there. I figured what the heck, I'll start following him, so I did. He's turned out to be perty good, so I've been following him. It's actually really cool this year because my dads a huge Matt Kenseth fan, and the two actually teamed up together this year. It's been a hell of alot of fun. I've been to Talledega once last year, and ofcourse been to TMS twice while I lived there. Talladega was cool to see, but I wasn't a big fan of the style of racing that track produced. Texas was much more fun in terms of a drivers track I guess.

    Anyway, I've rambled on long enough here. Take care for now brother. And by all means, Win The Day, Go Ducks, and Go Blazers (though they havent been the same team since the days of Arvydas Sabonis and company) Thats for sure.

  • Alaska c130polardrop posted 2653 days ago

    Alaska c130polardrop

    Hey I appreciate you bestowing the power on me. lol!! One of my favorite Blazers of all time. People who don't like the Blazers might argue that Shaq tore him up, but the Blazer big man one was easily one of the greatest passers and assist guys among big men EVER!!! Not to mention, unlike Shaq, he could shoot free throws. My favorite Blazers - Sabonis, Terry Porter, Clyde ofcourse, and Rasheed Wallice. (Rasheed because when they scored over 100 one time, meaning we all got tacos from taco bell, he actually looked up right at me and gestured a "munch munch" sort of thing with his hands after the bucket went in. He was always a sort of clown, and I loved his personality. I'd say among them all, a close tie with Sabonis and Clyde. Just have to have respect for a guy that age doing what he did in that league. Gave us some great years, and there was nothing like watching him look squarely up toward the point, but then bang!! With a slight of hand, flicks what was a little ball to him, right down into a tiny little gap that allows a cutting guard or forward free access to the bucket. Loved watching that guy go to work. Good Stuff.

  • Joe Menzer posted 2662 days ago

    Joe Menzer

    To answer your question, yes, I used to work for when it was run by Turner Sports. I spent six years there. Prior to that, I covered the NFL for a total of nearly 13 years and the NBA for nearly 11.

  • The Dude posted 2674 days ago

    The Dude

    Not on the rug man.

  • The Dude posted 2674 days ago

    The Dude

    Obviously, I don't know what you're talking about.

  • Austin posted 2675 days ago


    Thanks my man!

  • Uncle Drew posted 2704 days ago

    Uncle Drew

    ofcourse, fan me, I'll share my wisdom with you

  • Bill Walton posted 2711 days ago

    Bill  Walton

    no injury will keep me from defeating my son. i have your back sir.