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  • Black Widow posted 1048 days ago

    Black  Widow

    I'm doing good, busy with working and stuff. HBU?
    I'm just a bit surprise that we are no longer able to comment on articles?

  • My inbox don't work fam

  • Yea man I been back into wrestling. The juices start flowing around WM season every year lol
    Yea man lob your WhatsApp.

  • "S/o? lol"
    Shoutout to Paige bruh lol

    Ayy man you got any other way I can talk to you cause I don't really use this anymore and I still need a buddy to talk wrestling to lol

  • S/o to Paige bruh lol

  • Just going through things atm old friend but all is well. How's life?

  • :)

  • Black Widow posted 1088 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Heyy!! How are you??

  • Mr Skull posted 1119 days ago

    Mr Skull

    I like that scenario. Nice thinking. I really want to see Wyatt as the World Champion. Would ensure he'd atleast get Dean Ambrose level booking for the future. That if he stayed on SD.

  • Mr Skull posted 1121 days ago

    Mr Skull

    It was great for me overall but hated some parts. 1st was Cena winning the title. But it was expected and I was ready for it. And the match was great.
    Second, the part timers. The Rumble was going great before part timers came in. On top of that Tye was the only surprise. No Joe, Angle or Balor. And overprotecting Reigns ugh. Glad I don't watch Raw.
    How do you feel about Randy winning and who do you wanted to win it? Personally I neither loved it, nor hated it.