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  • Peter Parker posted 2464 days ago

    Peter Parker

    I do recommend you check out transfermakt.de, or better, their english version (http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/united-states/startseite/verein/3505) on a regular basis.

  • Peter Parker posted 2464 days ago

    Peter Parker

    Hi, Jack
    Sorry for the late reply, but ever since you can't follow your comments on the profile anymore, I simply don't check on my wall.

    Chandler has a very good chance to be Frankfurts regular right-back next season, since Jung signed with Wolfsburg and Oczipka is their regular left-back. As of now, Chandler is the only out-and-out right-back within their squad.

    Wether or not Brooks has the ability to become world class remeins to be seen. He needs to gein regular starts at Hertha first and then, in a few years, has to take the next step and move to a bigger club. I do have the feeling that he can be a very solid Bundesliga centre-back, though.

    I can't really say anything about Gyau and Florez other than Florez being touted as the bigger talent with better chances to break into the first team. But since but of them just recently signed with Dortmund, it is going to take time for them.

  • Jonathan Johnson posted 2644 days ago

    Jonathan Johnson

    Hi there Jack, apologies for my delayed reply. I have only just seen your message on my bulletin board.

    You mention two good players. Firstly, Corchia: He is a very talented player, but unfortunately plays for a very limited Sochaux side. There are rumours that he will move to Lille this month and personally I hope that this happens. He is too good to continue wasting away with Les Lionceaux, although Herve Renard could help them avoid the drop depending on who else he manages to bring in.

    As for Payet, he is suffering because Marseille bought so many similar players last summer and the team are short defensively. There is a lack of balance in the current OM team and, as a result, Payet is often starved of the ball. He is a talented player, but not the only one suffering because of OM's mismanagement. He'll recover.

    Thanks for your kind words about my work, I am very pleased to hear that you enjoy my articles! I will do my best to answer your question more quickly next time.



  • Ed Dove posted 2647 days ago

    Ed Dove

    Good to hear from you about Edwin Gyimah, Jack. Yes, a very exciting prospect, a talented and versatile player. He was player of the season at Supersport last term and was linked with a move to the Turkish league during the summer. He remained in South Africa but don't be surprised to see him move on in 6 months. Internationally, he's been largely out of the picture since making his debut in 2012, however, he was called up to face Egypt in the recent World Cup play-offs so might have a glimmer of hope for Brazil. CC

  • Sam Tighe posted 2652 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    It's a tough ask to find someone perfect. Perfect is the step up from what Arsenal have right now, which is very very good.

    For me Vucinic, even on loan, would be a masterstroke. He is an excellent, excellent player who never gets the credit he deserves. Last season for Juve when Mirko was out, Pirlo looked rubbish. Utter rubbish.

    I don't think Mandzu will be available until the summer and I wouldn't touch Pato with a ten-foot barge pole.

  • Sam Tighe posted 2652 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Hi Jack,

    Nastasic is fantastic, a future elite CB despite questionable size at the top level. I'm pretty sure he'll get his fair share of action soon enough, but the truth is he gets injured A LOT. If i'm Pellegrini i'm pretty happy to use him sporadically, swapping in Demichelis—who Pellegrini trusts explicitly—when necessary.

    Smalling needs games centrally to improve now, but he's pretty decent at RB—particularly given Evra's ridiculous attitude toward his own defensive duties (ignores them).

    Arsenal can win it, no question. You don't get to 20 games in 1st without being able to. Like everyone, i'd like to see another strike come in. I don't like Walcott there and Giroud, for all his work rate and strong effort, does not score enough. I am yet to see him convert a 1v1 in over 10 chances.
    GK = great, LB/RB = great, CB pair = elite
    DM = great, AMC = elite, Wings = great, Forward = ?