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I'm an Irish sports writer living in Rome. My main interests are Serie A and pro cycling, but I'm good for an opinion on most things. Whether that opinion has any basis in reality is another matter ...

Feel free to banter about Serie A, cycling or just abuse me on Twitter @ColliOBrien.

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  • Cal Gildart posted 1981 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Hey, Colin. Sorry for not mentioning that in the comments—it slipped my mind. The video wasn't working no matter what browser it was tried on, which could have been an IP address-related problem, given I'm not in Italy?

  • Nick Sinclair posted 2060 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    You are the most underrated writer on this site, your articles deserve way more coverage!

  • Marcus Hill posted 2309 days ago

    Marcus Hill

    Sorry about that, Colin. When I read it it sounded like you wanted to use reign and not rein. My apologies for that.

  • Anthony T posted 2359 days ago

    Anthony T

    Hey Colin,
    I would first like to say that I'm a huge fan of your work and love reading all your articles about the best team in the world, Juventus.
    I would love to see an article from you or one of the other B/R writers detailing how poor the fifa 14 ultimate team ratings are, showing how over rated or under rated some of the players are. I would particularily like to read this article because i feel that the serie A and particularily Juventus players were completely under rated and I would love to see what you think.
    For reference you can use the site to see all the stats. I hope you listen to my idea and I would be looking forward to read it.
    All the best!

  • Francesco Amorosino posted 2367 days ago

    Francesco Amorosino

    Hahah don't worry I always enjoy your writing. I just thought your Romanista side was coming out a bit more in that article. Still consider you to be one of the best writers on Italian football on this site.