Hokie  Hogg

Hokie Hogg


In the Air Force living in SC. I am from VA. Married and I have a 2 son's and I love them to pieces. I love all football. Always have. I watch as many games in a weekend that I can. No matter who is playing. I also follow NASCAR but I am really getting tired of it. I never attended VT BUT I have been there to many times to count! LOL
The Hokies are my world but like I said before, I follow all NCAA football.

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  • Larry Snarkville posted 3692 days ago

    Larry Snarkville

    Thanks for the add.

  • Heather Fox posted 3702 days ago

    Heather Fox

    WOOHOO! How 'bout the BSU Broncos? now- will TCU PLEASE STFU!

  • Del Shoemaker posted 3721 days ago

    Del Shoemaker

    Hokie. I know your baby is due soom. I am praying for you and your wife. I hope all goes well. Peace my friend. Give my love to your wife for me.

  • BabyTate posted 3747 days ago


    Welcome to the Bleacher Report.

    We are delighted to have another member from the Old Dominion Commonwealth.

    Air Force in South Carolina? Sumter?

    I imagine you are a VaTech/Redskin fan judging from that moniker of yours.

    At the B/R, we publish articles that are written by you. We have editors who will smooth out the rough edges.

    When you see articles written by others be sure to read and post your own comments.

    All we ask is that you remember the B/R is read by people of all ages and all countries of the world so a little discretion goes a long way.

    I see you follow NASCAR but have gotten tired of it. I followed NASCAR for years until Fireball Roberts died after he wrecked at Charlotte in '64 and I have never had the same feeling since, so, I know what you mean.

    If I can help you, click on my name and go to my bio page and leave a note. Glad to help.

    Baby Tate, The Community Leader of the College Football section of the Bleacher Report.