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I grew up in Las Vegas Nevada and developed a love (maybe obbsesion) with sports at around age 10. Living in Las Vegas where we have no sports teams ment i got to pick which teams i liked based on players and coaches and history I fell in love with KU basketball (because my dad is a KU alum), Boston Celtics basketball (because i have never loved anyone the way i love Paul Pierce, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell), Kansas City Chief football (because i was born in kansas and loved Priest Holmes and Hank Stram), and Boston Red Sox baseball (the curse was the main reason for this and about 2 years into my fandom they won the world series I also fell in love with "the idiots" every single one of them) btw F you Johnny Damon i will spit on your grave. I am now a 18 year old MAN attending the university of houston.

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