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  • Max Towle posted 2629 days ago

    Max Towle

    Haha - both my parents are English but I'm an NZ citizen - lived in Chch since '03.

  • Max Towle posted 2629 days ago

    Max Towle

    Cheers mate. Haha - go the All Blacks indeed! Lewandowski? I think almost for sure he'll play out the rest of this season at Dortmund then join Bayern on a free next summer. Just my thoughts as things stand.

  • P D posted 2632 days ago

    P D

    Seems like Klopp has confirmed it now. Well Madrid do have Morata who shined in the U-21,I think you guys should trust your youth products a bit more. For me Soldado is at the same level as Benzema and Higuain and Juan Mata is better than Di Maria. Isco was a brilliant capture as will Veratti/Illaramendi be should they move. I am happy you guys got rid of Mourinho for Ancelotti,good luck for next season hopefully we will meet in CL. I have always enjoyed Bayern Madrid encounters and especially the praise and dramatization we receive from the Madrid press !

  • P D posted 2633 days ago

    P D

    Sorry buddy,had a glitch in my account.Initially i was sure that Lewandowski will join Bayern as he rejected the bids of Real and United which Dortmund had accepted,but it looks like he might have to stay in Dortmund this season and join Bayern for free next yr. We did the same thing with Ballack ,so its understandable.

  • Sam Tighe posted 2666 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    I think it's Bayern, replacing Gomez. Sad to see.

    Sorry for the late response bud.

  • Sarah Parker posted 2670 days ago

    Sarah Parker

    Honestly the press can suck a dick. I hate them, they are the reason Bale won over Suarez. Suarez was better in every way, yet he won cause the racist FA and stupid English media! The FA give Suarez 8 match ban for a claim of racism, Terry gets 4 games even though there was proof that he was abusing Ferdinand. Evra made that shit up. Such BS and if I was him, I'd probably leave too because of the stupid media and FA

  • Sarah Parker posted 2671 days ago

    Sarah Parker

    Completely agree with the top 5 statement!

  • Sarah Parker posted 2672 days ago

    Sarah Parker

    Seriously doubtful, but you never know when u have fsg as ur owners. Still very unrealistic

  • Ankush Jangid posted 2704 days ago

    Ankush Jangid

    What's up Fucktard?