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  • Josh Matt posted 2199 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Richard Bowler posted 3211 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    I haven't wrote about MMA much in the past I wrote this article on the Jose Canseco VS Hershel Walker talk

  • Wm Ewoldt posted 3218 days ago

    Wm Ewoldt

    Could you do a write up on the Jens Pulver documentary?

    It would be greatly appreciated.

  • John Shubert posted 3218 days ago

    John Shubert

    Hey dude makin a comeback check it out

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 3292 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    Good morning Jeremy! I'd like to refer you to a piece that was written by Juan which I think could serve as a good tool for younger writers.

  • Sting Fan posted 3304 days ago

    Sting Fan

  • Darren Wong posted 3309 days ago

    Darren Wong


    I wrote an article in support of Cecil Peoples.

    No matter what people think of the decision, vilifying Cecil Peoples has simply gone too far.

    I've also created a facebook group in support of Cecil Peoples. I hope that you'll join, even if you disagreed with the decision.



  • The Truth Turcott posted 3312 days ago

    The Truth Turcott

    hey Jeremy this is the truth about Saturday night any input would be appreciated

  • Darren Wong posted 3313 days ago

    Darren Wong

    Hey man, everybody thinks that Shogun beat Machida. Here's my article on why I think the fight was closer than most people realize.

    Contrasting opinions, other comments, and feedback are always welcome.