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Gary Ross


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  • Carl Cockerham posted 1545 days ago

    Carl Cockerham

  • Mista Amazing posted 1965 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    South Carolina support GTFO Bulldogs are gonna trample over them stick to your Razorbacks. Jordan>>>>Tim Duncan also, didn't you have a Grizzlies picture just before?

  • Douglas Davis posted 2013 days ago

    Douglas Davis

    Dude I stumbled upon your page when i saw how bad you were bashing my team. so while i'm here I might as well bash you so......How the hell are you are the "HOUSTON" Texans one of your favorite teams when you can even spell their name right? The same goes for the Arkansas "Razorbacks", Elvis "Dumervil", Brian "Billick" Willis "Mcghaee, and Darren "McFadden". And stop bashing the Ravens, you in-bred piece of shit.

  • jr crusher posted 2040 days ago

    jr crusher

    at least your a spurs fan, we both have that in common.

  • Bill Miller posted 2049 days ago

    Bill Miller

    That means that you were never a Ravens fan. Real fans stick with their teams through thick and thin. Your dislike for Flacco already proved that you weren't one anyway.

  • Bill Miller posted 2049 days ago

    Bill Miller

    So much for being a Baltimore Fan

  • Bill Miller posted 2087 days ago

    Bill Miller

    Seems strange that you put the Ravens as one of your favorite teams but continue to hate the QB that brought this city their second trophy. Whatever man, welcome to the bandwagon.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 2098 days ago


    thanks Gary for supporting me on that articles about NFL logos turned British. I didn't know Chris would be such as racist dude ..

  • Chuck Diesel posted 2111 days ago

    Chuck Diesel

    Im working on it...

  • JJ85 Reveille posted 2163 days ago

    JJ85 Reveille

    Look at me, I'm Gary. I have diarrhea of the fingers. It was A.J.'s time of the month, Vols in 3060, Boring, yadda yadda yadda.
    Merry Christmas, troll.