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  • Buckeye Soldier posted 1250 days ago

    Buckeye Soldier

    dave, you're the one that has escalated this. I moved on after our initial interaction a month ago, but you can't seem to let it go. the only reason I'm commenting here is that you keep blowing up my profile and stalking me in other threads. if you want this to stop, all you have to do is stop. really complicated, right? stop posting on my wall in all of your guises, stop stalking me in other threads, and I will have no reason to come here and respond. our respective teams rarely come into contact with each other, so we'll likely not run into each other, all you have to do is let it go. let it go dave. move on with your life.

  • David Persons posted 1250 days ago

    David Persons

    Hi Folks - Please ignore the posts by this "Buckeye Soldier" individual. He is clearly unbalanced and has been reported to BR. I have no idea what his story is.

  • Buckeye Soldier posted 1252 days ago

    Buckeye Soldier

    still posting on my profile as "mark", dave? methinks the lady doth protest too much. just so you know, if you continue to post on my profile as mark, i'll continue to respond here, on your real profile.

  • Buckeye Soldier posted 1260 days ago

    Buckeye Soldier

    holy crap dave parsons, here we are, almost a month after i exposed you and your fake profiles, and I'm still in your head. instead of using one of your fake profiles to post messages on my home page, why not show a little courage and do it yourself? is that why you no longer write for b/r? they saw that half the commenters in your articles had the same ip address as the guy that wrote the article? it makes you wonder, Ohio State is a program that tcu fans rarely interact with, yet you have a Buckeye profile; so how many profiles do you have for rival big 12 programs? how many texas, Oklahoma and Baylor profiles do you have? have some integrity dave parsons. if you have something to say, do it yourself. don't hide behind your fake profiles.

  • Jonathon Cappo posted 1416 days ago

    Jonathon Cappo

    David, I don't usually take the time to talk directly to another user here, but your comment was way out of line on the article about Art Briles and his statements about patriotism.

    First of all, I don't see how you can refer to Baylor (yes, that is Baylor with a capital 'B') as a "little" school. Not to take things too far, but outside of football (currently) and location, we are ranked ahead of TCU in just about everything. Fort Worth is my home town, but I chose Baylor over TCU without even second-guessing myself. Better academics, better people, better environment for students. So please, respect my university in your posts or you will receive no respect in return.

    Secondly, the PR firm was not hired for playoff advocacy. If you actually read into more than just media headlines, you'd know that we hired that staff to assist us with College Gameday due to our current media staff being undersized, and to help the university reach out to the media in hopes that they will stop taking so many actions and quotes out of context.

    Now, I do not hate TCU. I respect the work that the team has done. It is nothing short of amazing. However, I do hate what the CFP Committee has done in their debut. They established a criteria that they do not follow. To drop Florida State to #4 is absolutely disrespectful. They have beaten every ACC team that they have faced this season, the same ACC that went 4-0 vs. the SEC in the preceding weeks. Sure, they have played most of their games to the wire with their opponents, but they win. Winning trumps everything else, and do not bother bringing up Marshall (for obvious reasons).

    It is easy being a Frogs fan when the committee is in your favor. However, turn the tables and see how you would feel. Whether you like it or not, Baylor is being disrespected by the committee. There is absolutely no doubt about it. I'm throwing all bias aside to help you understand. Hell, I just advocated for Florida State, if that tells you anything.

    If the committee judges teams based off of what they SEE rather than RESULTS, then we can delve into the details of Baylor and TCU...

    At the time of writing this: Baylor beat TCU. We all know that. Baylor lost to West Virginia. We all know that as well. So that puts both teams at 11-1. Now, the committee (a group of individuals put together to decide who gets into the College Football Playoffs based off what they’ve done on the field this season) claims that they are holding teams who “look good” to a higher regard. There seems to be a big difference between their original purpose and their current purpose, right? Well since the committee wants to look into the “prettier” teams, we’ll look at the details.

    - Football Power Index (FPI): Baylor #5; TCU #8
    - Total offense: Baylor #3; TCU #20
    - Offensive scoring: Baylor #1; TCU #3
    - Total defense: Baylor #23; TCU #27
    - Defensive Scoring: Baylor #40; TCU #26
    - First downs: Baylor #1; TCU #34
    - Record vs. Top 25: Baylor 2-0 (possibly 3-0 next week with win vs. KSU and OU win/2-0 if OU loses); TCU 2-1 (possibly 1-1 next week if OU loses)

    Big 12 Games:
    Texas: Baylor W (28-7 away); TCU W (48-10 away)
    - Baylor: third straight away game; lowest offensive showing of the season; shut out Texas until garbage time (2:14 left in the 4th Q)
    - TCU: only scored once from drives starting within their own territory; forced two turnovers; handed three turnovers by Tyrone Swoopes

    Oklahoma: Baylor W (48-14 away); TCU W (37-33 home)
    - Baylor: crushed OU, giving them their worst home loss of the Stoops era
    - TCU: back-and-forth home game; pulled off last second win

    Oklahoma St: Baylor W (49-28 home); TCU W (42-9 home)
    - Baylor: started fast and cruised to easy win
    - TCU: didn’t let up a touchdown all game

    West Virginia: Baylor L (41-27 away); TCU W (31-30 away)
    - Baylor: struggled with penalties mightily; first loss of season
    - TCU: worst offensive game of the season; won on last-second FG
    **Can be viewed the same as Baylor's win vs. TCU (except for offensive statistics)

    Kansas St: Baylor NA (home game 12/6); TCU W (41-20 home)
    - Baylor: play on 12/6
    - TCU: dominated at home

    Kansas: Baylor W (60-14 home); TCU W (34-30 away)
    - Baylor: thrashed the Jayhawks through and through
    - TCU: trailed for most of the game against worst team in the Big 12; hardly any crowd in attendance; defense struggled
    **Can be viewed the same as Baylor's win vs. Texas Tech (but with the starting QB in for the entire game)

    Iowa St: Baylor W (49-28 away); TCU NA (home game 12/6)
    - Baylor: went in a dominated in Big 12 opener
    - TCU: play on 12/6

    Texas Tech: Baylor W (48-46 neutral); TCU W (82-27 home)
    - Baylor: neutral field; defense was atrocious; let up 598 yds and 6 TDs to first-time starter; Petty knocked out on illegal hit in 3rd quarter when up by 18; won by two points after stopping two-point conversion by Tech
    - TCU: stepped on gas pedal and never let up; kept starters in and ran up score until the 4th Q (was winning 68-27)
    **Can be viewed the same as TCU's win vs. Kansas (except without starting QB for much of the game)

    Baylor vs. TCU:
    - Check the box scores and tell me who dominated.
    **Can be viewed the same as TCU's win vs. West Virginia (except for offensive statistics)

    Once again, I am not saying that TCU doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs; they do. But the stats don’t pan out the way that the committee thinks. There are plenty of stats to point to, but these are the stats that make a team “look pretty." Maybe next weekend things will change if both teams win, who knows? But if the committee wants to play it by eye and not by quality, then what good reason do they have for ranking Baylor three spots below TCU? I would really like to know.

  • Ginny Apple posted 2046 days ago

    Ginny Apple

    Hi David,
    Wow, I never saw your response regarding the OU David Persons. Are you at the Star-Telegram now? If so, do you know my old college buddy Vince Langford (I'm sure you do). He was at OU's student newspaper with David and me. If you were at the Star Telegram in the 70s (you don't look old enough to have been) did you know Wilma Wirt? She was my mentor and a large part of my confidence factor that helped me be one of the first full-time women sportswriters in the country.

    Guess you're gearing up for the Big Dance. I'm in Hartford, CT area now. Everyone is bemoaning the breakup of the Big East. I was in the thick of it when I was a sportswriter in Hartford (1975-87).

    Thanks for the info on the OU David.

    Enjoy the basketball!

    Ginny Apple

  • Matthew F posted 2245 days ago

    Matthew F

    David, good to know I’m not the only one that couldn’t find anything.

    Although we may not agree on everything, I’m always looking forward to reading your comments. It’s always refreshing reading what someone has to say with reasoning and realistic thought, regardless of whether I agree or not. This is what makes college football so exciting!

    I actually haven’t graduated yet, to be completely honest with you. My interests are way too broad and I keep stacking on additional majors – maybe I’ll graduate from college eventually. I’m actually not even of the drinking age either, so we should probably pick something else to wager! How about... If Texas loses, I’ll take a picture of myself wearing a TCU shirt at the next Thanksgiving game and show it to you for evidence. The only reason why I have so many years at NASA JSC is because I started formal research at a very young age and was noticed at a science conference. I started my formal education at an early age so that response to Lionel suggests I’m much older than I actually am. I do share the same feeling though on lying about academic credentials. I tried checking back at the article but I guess the author removed the responses.

    Either way I’m glad you feel the same way. I have much respect for many of the posters on these B/R boards and I stepped in when Lionel insulted ‘jay l’ on the board. I’m used to individuals trolling on the internet, but I can’t help but become annoyed when a respectable individual sharing a reasoned response becomes the target of unnecessary insult on these boards in particular.

    I’m very happy with the addition of TCU to the conference. You guys really have a solid team and I’m sure the Horned Frogs will have a great season. Outside of 2010, I’m more worried about this Thanksgiving game than any other in memory. Good luck this year! I’m sure it will be a wild and bumpy ride for all of us.

  • Alex Ballentine posted 2268 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks David, I appreciate the compliment on my writing (unless you meant you read it and figured if I could do it anyone could haha!) It'll be nice to have another writer writing about TCU. I'm an MMA Featured columnist and work with the Trends and Traffic team so I don't get to write about the Frogs as much as I'd like.

    That's awesome you're going to some games. As a misplaced TCU fan in Ohio, I don't get to see them in person very often but I did serve as a ball boy when I was in high school when the team played in Cincinnati. I have tickets to the West Virginia game this year so I'm hoping to make that a bi-yearly tradition.

    I don't know if they can win the title but I certainly hope so, Big 12 is wide open the way I see it.

    Like I said, I look forward to reading more of your stuff and if you ever have any questions or anything don't hesitate to contact me! Go Frogs!

  • Alex Ballentine posted 2269 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Hey David, see you're writing articles on here now—pretty cool! I look forward to reading more of your stuff and hope you're as pumped for this season of Frogs football as I am!

  • Ginny Apple posted 2287 days ago

    Ginny Apple

    Hey David, just ran across your name here in the Bleacher Report and wondered if you are the David Persons I worked with on The Oklahoma Daily during the early 70s? If so, how the heck are you and what are you doing these days? Ginny Apple