Born in North Wales, Mark's love of football eventually took him to Liverpool where he was able to study the work of Roy Hodgson on a regular basis. Despite this he still remains a football fan today, and his writing on the game can be seen all over the Internet - including several places he'd forgotten about. @Mark_Jones86.

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  • Mark Jones posted 1775 days ago

    Mark Jones

    Yep. Juventus are fine...

  • You know nothing Jon Snow.

  • Don Corleone posted 1814 days ago

    Don Corleone

    Very biased writing on The Vidal Juve article. I don't know what you have against Serie A but slagging the league was very one sided and amateurish. Maybe FOX NEWS has a spot for your "fair and balanced" articles.

  • Jules Mich posted 1815 days ago

    Jules   Mich

    please get a new job

  • Giovanni Pandini posted 1815 days ago

    Giovanni Pandini

    You prick, that arturo vidal article is pure shame, disgusting, looking at the dumbest points and not looking at the true reality of things, the fact is, is that Serie A is on a rise, look at it with the numbers, and look at it with the spending. Stadiums are being built or are in process of planification. and vidals 28 with a knee that can brake him at anytime, dont see his transfer worth growing anytime either. good business by juve. and using zidane.....pls with zidanes money juve went to the ucl final.

  • John McNamara posted 1884 days ago

    John McNamara

    Thank you for that wonderful "Best Solo Dribbling Goals" compilation!

  • Ray Gunn posted 1966 days ago

    Ray Gunn

    C'mon Mark, You gave us the world football Oscars now it's time for the world football raspberries!

  • Khurshidbey Muhammadroziqov posted 2270 days ago

    Khurshidbey Muhammadroziqov


  • gilligan mcg posted 2370 days ago

    gilligan mcg

    and likewise with jovetic. you choose a player who's been out hurt for most of the season over jozy altidore, who can't scored to save his life, and soldado, who can't score from open play to save his life? jesus christ mate, get a clue

  • gilligan mcg posted 2370 days ago

    gilligan mcg

    how can you say lamela is one of the worst when he hasn't been playing? that's ridiculous. your logic that "a £30 million player should have enough about him to force his way into any team" is laughable at best. there have been plenty of incredibly talented players over the years who should have been playing but, for one reason or another, didn't get a fair shot. that doesn't mean a player is "bad", it just means he's not getting chances.

    in theory, the greatest player in the world could get frozen out because a manager doesn't like him. that doesn't mean said best player all of a sudden is terrible just because he's not getting a shot. if ronaldo went back to madrid last night, called ancelotti a fucking wanker and punched him in the face, it's probably a pretty safe bet he wouldn't be playing much the rest of the year. but it doesn't make him a bad player.

    you should really work on the logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. they'll make your life much easier and you won't sound quite as moronic in your articles