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  • Jon Reid posted 2428 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Haha yeah it's rough. Grew up in Toronto, but my grandfather was a BIG cubs fan and brought me up with stories of Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. As for the Leafs, well that's my hometown team. I was never big on basketball, but then went to a few Nuggets games when I was in Colorado and really loved watching the team play, so I started following them and streaming all their games. Been a big fan for 6 or 7 years now. And the Ravens, well we all have our favorite NFL team haha and for me I grew up playing the video games as the Ravens with my friends, always took their defense, so I knew them really well and have always cheered for em.

  • Franklin Steele posted 2431 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you Dubs. If you check it out you'll see that I typically respond for several days unless the comments section has just turned into a flame fast. I have 60 or 70 comments on my last five or six articles, and a lot of that comes from responding to people.

    Which article are you referring to? I'll check out your comment and respond.

    Thanks for expressing concern though. I try my best to get back to everyone and the feedback is great.

  • MC Dubs posted 2438 days ago

    MC Dubs

    A poopety poo poo poo

  • Cian posted 2557 days ago


    I tried replying to you too and it wouldn't. I'll do it here.

    Luck. That's why. Simple as that.

    United get decisions against them too, they did today. But fans of teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Spurs don't dwell on them.