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I'm a writer for Bleacher Report and, that is a site dedicated to sports. I'm a major fan of the NFL, basketball (NBA & college), and MMA. I do enjoy professional wrestling (WWE mostly) and soccer (international tournaments mostly), but it will be rare when I write about that. I'm very passionate in what I watch and write because when I put my mind into something, eventually it will be into my heart and I'll want to keep watching on a weekly basis. Basketball and football was something that I have watched since I was 5 years old. MMA came pretty recent to me in 2009 when Brock Lesnar fought Frank Mir, but still it made me hooked instantly on how incredible the fights were with the intensity and variations of styles.

While writing at Bleacher Report, I plan on writing articles for fans everywhere that enjoy the respective sports like I do. It will be in an unbiased opinion as you would expect and properly formulated so people can grasp on what I'm previewing or reviewing or debating about.

In terms of my favorite teams, my favorite team in all of sports is the Atlanta Falcons. Even though I live in New York, the first NFL game I've watched was the Broncos versus Falcons in the Super Bowl. Atlanta lost in a dominant manner, but they just stuck with me. Then Michael Vick came along and I was set on being a fan of them, while enjoying the fun roller coaster ride. Then Vick decided to get into dog fighting and now has become the most hated player to me forever. With Matt Ryan, things haven't looked greater for Atlanta and it has been very refreshing to watch him since 2008.

I'm also a Miami Heat, which may come off as pretty controversial being from New York. The fact is that my brother looked up to Alonzo Morning as a role model growing up in the late 90's. He would pattern his game after Alonzo being so tall that I grew up watching games. Then we got accustomed to great players like Tim Hardaway followed up by Dwayne Wade then Shaquille O'Neal. I've always been a fan that likes seeing his teams build from the draft, but you can't say no to possibly getting a player like LeBron James. It felt evil and wrong but it was the best way for Miami to build a contender and Pat Riley was once again proving what a master mind he was. Thankfully when everything went down, everyone around me realized how much of a Heat fan I was before hand having a Wade and Michael Beasley (remember him?) jersey.

I've struggled at times to form a top five favorite fighters list of all time but a few months I've finally had. When it comes to all time, nobody replaces Mirko Cro Cop as my favorite. Even though I missed the prime of his career, he was such a dynamic striker and being Croatian like me, it was always a pleasure watching him. Other than that, my favorites right now are all active. Rashad Evans, Carlos Condit, Frank Mir, and Jon Jones fill out the list. I'm a fan of strikers that use knees just as good as hooks along with submission specialists. Mir and Jones have made me jump out of my seat on more than one occasion with their submissions victories. Brock Lesnar would be the only other retired fighter I really missed. Regardless if you loved or hated him, you were watching him in the main event.

That is all for the three sports I love and who are my favorites, thanks for reading. My twitter is @Allen_Strk

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  • Mike Sutton posted 2114 days ago

    Mike Sutton

    Hey Allen, sorry if I came off as a jerk or anything. Definitely not my intention! I'm looking forward to your Hawks/Falcons preview!