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I am a journalist living and working in Argentina and recently graduated in journalism at City University in London.

The first point I should try to explain is my passion for football, it’s not the easiest though. I should probably start by saying that I am Argentine (among other things) and that we include football as one of our national religions. Here we breathe, talk, eat, drink, and dream football. Hell, cut me and I’ll probably bleed football.

When I was three days old my father’s best friend stuck a River Plate pacifier in my mouth and I haven’t looked back. I have lived in France, England, and Argentina and football has followed me in each of those countries and taken me to many others. Capable of jumping on a coach just to see Maradona’s first game in charge of Argentina or a plane to see Guardiola’s last match as Barcelona coach at the Camp Nou, I have also been to stadiums in Brazil, Colombia, Scotland and Switzerland.

My other passions include writing and journalism, I recently graduated and have since moved to Argentina where I work part time at an English language newspaper called the Argentina Independent.

As a proper news junky I also extend my daily information scavenging to every last bit of football news in Spain, Argentina and the UK.

As a Barcelona fan I read the four main Spanish sport dailies in Marca, Sport, Mundo Deportivo and As every day. It’s gotten to the point where Google cites my main interest as “Spanish News” and sends me ads in catalan.

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