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Dan has no control over the comment section, and would like to remind you that sports are supposed to be fun.

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  • T I posted 1084 days ago

    T I

    Hi Dan, I never liked your articles. I randomly found one while I was searching for something. I realized you have not been active on this site for a while and I believe that has made everyone's experience more pleasant. Hope you are happy and doing well!

  • Muneer Ahmed posted 1375 days ago

    Muneer Ahmed

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    Muneer Ahmed

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  • Marvin Lewis Job Security posted 1382 days ago

    Marvin Lewis Job Security

    You're the best writer on this site hands down.

  • Alex Danglepoop posted 1400 days ago

    Alex Danglepoop

    I really enjoyed your piece on Mike Ditka's fart on TV. Keep up the good work.

  • Barry InBtown posted 1412 days ago

    Barry InBtown

    Dylan, I'm curious as to how many times you got turned down as a waiter at Hooters.

  • dylan reese posted 1413 days ago

    dylan reese

    I'm sure you're peeing yourself in rightful indignation, knowing that you are one of the "enlightened" ones. After all, standing up for women's rights has zero downside, so why not pile on with a totally inflammatory commentary. Once we take a step back, and if we were to be REALLY honest (which d-bags like you or ESPN or that fat fuck Mike Oz obviously can't be), we would see that there is a tremendous amount of truth behind what Bell said (be it in a pathetic, caveman-type manner that is often the case using Twitter).

    I could care less about Bell, but ANY notion that this woman has "earned" the right to be the analyst for a playoff MLB game is ludicrous. There are tons of male analysts with far better credentials, experience, and qualifications. The fact is she got this gig BECAUSE she is a women, not in spite of it. And spare me her background in softball. Playing D1 Tennis doesn't qualify me to be in the CBS booth with McEnroe during the US Open. The REAL "male pig" in all this is the guy who handed her this job. He calmly only did so because of her sex and in all likelihood because he felt she was good looking. Using sex to get ratings is as old as TV itself, yet that doesn't get questioned but some DJ who thinks he is a funny guy does.

    Still, the MOST pathetic part about all of this are the "reporters" (more like bloggers, let's be real), who so readily came to aid this damsel in distress. Forget balance, fact, or any attempt at presenting a complete, unbiased picture. Just so much easier to take the convenient path and score points with the rest of the PC establishment. It's bloggers like you (yes, you are NOTHING like a real journalist) who have greatly contributed to the lack of true and honest dialogue in this country (and not just in Sports). You somehow got a pulpit, and you feel it gives you the right to dictate what people should say, and what our personal moral compass should be. If you're such an upstanding citizen, start with yourself. Lead with the fact that you are an activist, that you are a committed liberal, that you're gay, and that everything you do and write is fully impacted by those variables. At least then people can understand the true motivation behind your dribble.

  • Bob Stith posted 1453 days ago

    Bob Stith

    I must admit I am confused first of all by your incorrect heading for this article. Schilling didn't compare Muslims to Nazi's. He pointed out a statistical comparison. So the question becomes "is the statistic incorrect"? If it is correct then what Schilling is pointing out is the very thing many others have called for - which is that moderate Muslims must be more proactive in distancing themselves from the radical minority. It is always sad to see so called sports venues becoming enslaved to the P.C. crowd.

  • Loring Loding posted 1453 days ago

    Loring Loding

    In the Schilling article.
    The least you could have done was include in your headline that the picture he posted was referring to extremist Muslims. Not all Muslims. Your headline implied the latter. It's would be the same as quoting someone saying “white people are crazy” when they said 5% of white people are crazy”. It's funny Hillary can compare the GOP to terrorist and is cheered by the media but a baseball annalist can't say people that are trying to take over the world and kill people who wont assimilate are like the Nazis. These days the mainstream media falls considerably left of center and they don't just report the news they have to inject their feelings.

  • saDSAD SAdSADsa posted 1456 days ago

    saDSAD SAdSADsa

    Its funny how it says Dan has no control over the comment section above yet 99.9% of ALL the other stories i read all have comment sections. SO is dan special that he gets to avoid the comments section????? I HIGHLY doubt this is true and he is literally using the Liberal "I have no control over it" Defense!!!!