Michael Jee

Michael Jee


Michael is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Communication Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Media Studies and Production. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Broadcasting Society & Alpha Epsilon Rho.

As a student, he worked as a sports reporter and production staff member for "Carolina Week." Upon graduation, he worked with the Office of New Media at UNC-Chapel Hill's Department of Athletics. He has since worked as a Communications/New Media Intern for Obama for America in Denver, CO, and as a political journalist in Washington, DC and New York.

He is based in Stanford, CA.

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  • Parker Shields posted 3649 days ago

    Parker  Shields

    Here is a slideshow, I wrote to get ready for next season, didnt mean to publish so early, but here it is.


  • Morgan Carter posted 3714 days ago

    Morgan Carter

    Thanks for the edit and feedback!

  • Mark Ritter posted 3720 days ago

    Mark Ritter

    Thanks for the edit, always appreciated!

  • Lew Wright posted 3721 days ago

    Lew Wright

    Hey Michael,

    Appreciate you taking the time to look over my work and tweak it into better shape. Thanks!


  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 3721 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    Hi Michael, thank you for the edit. Respectfully, I did make one change. I did change opinion back to game recap.

  • Denton Ramsey posted 3721 days ago

    Denton Ramsey

    Thanks for the edits.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3721 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Dave Nichols posted 3721 days ago

    Dave Nichols

    Michael, thanks for the edit this morning. trust me, i had the correct spelling of Pittsburgh in there originally. a previous editor changed it to one "t". i sent him a private message about it. thanks again.

  • Patrick Generose posted 3731 days ago

    Patrick  Generose

    thanks for the edit buddy

  • Brian Rhodes posted 3740 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes

    Thanks for the edits Michael. It's amazing but you corrected the edits that the last person made. Who'd have thunk it.