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So I grew up with four brothers and that gave me an above average knowledge (for a girl) of most sports. While I've continued to be interested in sports over the years (and even played my share of them), I've never been an obsessive fan.

Then, in 2004, I moved to NYC and started to date a die hard Mets fan. In an effort to share that passion with him, I joined a fantasy baseball league (which I eventually won) and have enjoyed being an avid follower of the game since. Even though I rooted against the Yankees, I didn't exactly have a team of my own that I regularly supported. As the '04 season came to a close, I had interests in the Minnesota Twins (who's minor league affiliate was my hometown Rochester Redwings) and the Texas Rangers (because Mark Teixiera and Mike Young were on my fantasy team). I chose the Twins because I had been able to see numerous Twins play in the miors and being able to see future talent come up through their system appealed to me. It's a choice I've been very happy with even though I regularly get razzed by my brothers (all Yankees fans).

Another sport I've really gotten into is NCAA basketball. It started years ago when a local player, Caitlin Howe, went off to play at Duke and I followed her progress. Unfortunately, she was plagued with injuries and never reached her full potential. Then this past season, I watched a lot of the men's games off and on and was particularly struck with how well Louisville did. I also watched the Big East Championship Game and found myself drawn to the Syracuse team. Of course, my hopes for a Louisville-Syracuse final was a long shot to begin with, but hey....I kept rooting for it anyway. :)

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    wat up bae

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