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Reid Brooks


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  • AJ Singh posted 2237 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Where you at lil man?

  • AJ Singh posted 2487 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH YOUR BELOVED BRONCOS GOT TRASHED. AH and to think you called the Seahawks inferior 10 weeks ago.

  • We Da Team posted 2546 days ago

    We Da Team

    11-1!!!! Eat crow fool!!!! What happened to the Saints being a better team?? What happened to Broncos undefeated and winning the superbowl?? What happened to your stupid comments?? Awww butthurt huh?? lol Seattle is winning the superbowl nothing you can do about it so eat your crow

  • AJ Singh posted 2554 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Hahaha I love how just a few weeks earlier you were touting the Broncos as the next team to go 16-0 and here they are sitting at 9-2. That's still a good record, don't get me wrong, but they aren't invincible like you try to portray them. Also to your own admission, you stated that the record proves which team is better and sure enough Seattle has a 10-1 record to your beloved Broncos' 9-2 record. Therefore the Broncos are inferior to Seattle am I right? (According to your logic of course).

  • Hey pal whered u runoff?? Yu still now shit about football

  • Tail Lerr posted 2592 days ago

    Tail Lerr

    I TOLD U SO I TOLD U SO I TOLD U SO I TOLD U SO HEEEEYYYYYYYY did u enjoy the game?? LMAOOOO you guys SUCK wat happened to goin undefeated . HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Kansas city>>>>>>>>>>>>Failroncos

  • Taylor Allderdice posted 2597 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice

    Okay idiot, whatever the hell thats supposed to mean. See me after the game.

  • Taylor Allderdice posted 2598 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice

    You posted:

    ' "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."

    -Confucius '

    I said:
    What (does that mean)?? Who (is Confucius)??

    Anyways, Broncos losing to Colts next week. See me after the game pal.

  • Taylor Allderdice posted 2598 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice

    Im Confucius??

  • Taylor Allderdice posted 2598 days ago

    Taylor Allderdice

    What?? Who??