Hi spam bots and random people who have stumbled upon my profile.

I no longer write about the San Jose Sharks due to my new employers, but you can still follow me several different ways!

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  • nitin kanchan posted 2797 days ago

    nitin kanchan

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  • anokhi susan posted 2816 days ago

    anokhi susan

    I still lurk on this site occassionally, Pizza Takeaway

  • John Phen posted 2892 days ago

    John Phen

    Hey Jeff, no problem man. Yeah I troll here once and a while, but some of the stuff is just hard to read. And I mean really really bad lmao. Best of luck to you my friend, keep up the hard work here on BR, this site needs more knowledgable fans like you and less basketball fans writing about a sport they have no clue on.

    Go Sharks!

  • Jeff posted 2892 days ago


    Thanks for the comment on that article. I agree there has not been the same level of quality on all of the Shark write ups from some of the writers this year as compared to last. I actually applied for a writing position for the Sharks but it was denied.

  • John Phen posted 2936 days ago

    John Phen

    Hey Jeff, hope things are well with you. I got a job working for an old employer, and unfortunately the position eliminates the possibility of me writing about the Sharks or hockey for that matter. I still lurk on this site occassionally, so I may see u around. Go Sharks!

  • Jeff posted 2937 days ago


    Hey where did you go John? Haven't seen any new write ups lately.

  • Scott Weldon posted 3085 days ago

    Scott  Weldon

    Hey John
    Thoughts on Sharks greatest second round draft pick of all time?


  • Scott Weldon posted 3103 days ago

    Scott  Weldon

    Just wrote another anti-head hit piece. I didn't link your story this time, but thought you might be interested

  • steven davis posted 3131 days ago

    steven davis

    hey man you are a raiders fan an A's fan and a sharks fan thankyou

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 3160 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    No problem, John. Glad to help.