Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney


Hi, I'm am Mitt Romney. Some may have remembered me as the presidential hopeful who came short but some of you may have remembered me as the Governor of the great state known as Massachusetts. I have done alot for this country and I am hopeful I can do alot for Bleacher Report now that I'm not President. By the way I think I would have been a great President. I look forward to bringing some comedy back to Bleacher Report. Even when I'm not trying to be funny, people still call me funny but...Again the pleasure is mine. Thank you Bleacher Report and thanks to the 53% of Americans! (Parody Account)

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  • Sports Lover posted 2257 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • DYRO posted 2283 days ago



  • Sports Lover posted 2325 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Whats up with you these days?

  • Mike Chiari posted 2350 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Actually Mitt (lol), I turned 23 in September, but never changed my profile. Everyone always tells me that I look younger than I am and I get proofed constantly, but I suppose that'll be a positive later in life. Thanks for taking an interest in my articles!

  • Graham GSM Matthews posted 2351 days ago

    Graham GSM Matthews

    LOL! I've gotten that a lot since I changed my picture. Thanks for the support!

  • The Man Formerly Known as Triple H posted 2352 days ago

    The Man Formerly Known as Triple H

    wtf is mitt romney doing here?

  • Mas Wahs posted 2353 days ago

    Mas Wahs

    listen to me junior, i never work for germ incubators like you.

  • Mas Wahs posted 2353 days ago

    Mas Wahs

    i will pass on the offer

  • Mas Wahs posted 2354 days ago

    Mas Wahs

    i will rather jump into a blackhole than be in your cabinet