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Spenser T. Harrison


-Sired by Zeus
-Lived in 6 states but Texas is home

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  • Daniel Shanks posted 4276 days ago

    Daniel Shanks

    First off, love the profile pic. I could make out Bush, but never noticed Saddam lol.
    Second, here's the story. Thanks again for that list brother.

  • People's Champion posted 4291 days ago

    People's Champion

    Hey Spenser,

    Here's my NFC Predictions. I hope you like. I love see your insight ob who you think will win the NFC.


  • Bill Stell posted 4335 days ago

    Bill Stell

    I'll take 11-5 any time. That might even win the division. I am wondering why you have the "Crucible" article posted twice. You might want to join the I'm a Texan club off of the Texans website and check out the Out Of State Texans group.

  • People's Champion posted 4335 days ago

    People's Champion

    Hey Spencer,

    I respect your opinion. I like Tom Brady. I just think Manning is a little better. But my opinion and your opinion are really pointless in a way until their careers are over. They have lots of time to prove which is the better quarterback. I am just glad that I'm able to watch two quarterback that may go down as the two best quarterbacks of all-time.

  • People's Champion posted 4335 days ago

    People's Champion

    Hey Spencer,

    You commented on my article "Kobe/LeBron vs Brady/Manning vs A-Rod/Pujols: Race for the Best. I agree with what you said about Manning but you must remember how did his team in general play in the postseason. Brady is a better postseason QB but it's not as huge difference as people make it seem. He takes care of the ball while he depends on his team to win or at least give him a chance to win the game in the clutch. Heck, that got them 3 rings. Manning is a better regular season quarterback than Brady by a signiciant amount that Brady's great play in the postseason doesn't quite make up it but it's close. Jake Delhomme is a great postseason quarterback although he struggled in last year's postseason but he's npt better than Tony Romo, who has yet to get a playoff win. Brady is a great quarterback and is already a top ten quarterback in NFL history but he's better than Manning in my opinion.

    I respect your opinion and I see that you really know NFL. I made slideshow about my early season predictions on the AFC. They may change after training camp or preseason. So here it is.


  • Bill Stell posted 4335 days ago

    Bill Stell

    Your right about the bandwagon. Texans 12-4 in 09!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JW Nix posted 4348 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out

    I think you may like it


  • Paul Swaney posted 4377 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    My latest article is a personal story about seeing Wrigley Field through new eyes. I hope you'll check it out when you have a chance.


  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 4383 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Would love to get your comments on this article about Landon Donovan and the US Mens National Team:


  • Michael Miller posted 4603 days ago

    Michael Miller

    Thanks for your help with my article, I appreciate it.