Mighty Birds Of Prey

Mighty Birds Of Prey


From Bremerton/Silverdale, Washington. Did a bunch of retarded things when I was growing up. Enlisted in the Marine Corps. Been serving our country for almost 8 years now. I'm part of the "MilitarySeahawkers" fan club. I looove my Seahawks, but I just enjoy watching good ol' pigskin.

I'm a devoted Christ-Follower and try to be respectful and kind to all I come in contact with. A little compassion goes a long way. I also think one of the greatest rules of life is; You have to give respect to get respect.

Semper Fidelis! Mighty Birds of Prey!

PS: Russell Wilson is pretty Boss in my mind. He will eventually lead the Hawks to the promise land.

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  • Rise Up posted 1846 days ago

    Rise Up

    you are a stupid idiot arent you

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1939 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    "As you're the only one who has ever posted anything negative towards me. But your multiple profiles are filled with people degrading you."
    What? You want your mommy now?

    "There is a common denominator in all these negative relationships. And that is you my friend."
    Actually the only common denominator in this particular relationship is you continuing to post to an old profile. Is there no bottom to your pathetic attempt to get back at me?

    "So you can go ahead and "slap all my tired shit out of the park" as none of it is irrelevant to your lack of etiquette."
    I'm the tool...and you don't even know how to use the word "irrelevant" in a sentence? Or maybe you meant to say that your attempt at taking the moral high ground in everything you do (including your sig) and my swatting your fat ass off your high horse everytime is very relevant?

    "It takes a lot of intelligence to use foul language to degrade someone. You must have an IQ level that would make Einstein look like a bafoon."
    ibid. and I don't have to make Einstein look like a bafoon to out-do you.

    "Enjoy being so close, but losing both times..... Last season was the last time the 49ers will be that close for quite a few years."
    You're funny. You can say whatever you want. The 49ers made it farther than the Seaclucks for the past two years. Could things be different this year? Sure. I'm going to have to go with the 49ers will still have a better record than the 'Clucks this year. I guess the simple fact that you aren't able to twist the past to fit all of your worthless opinions re: pro football teams just burns your nuts though....hahaha...you must be Native American...

    ...from the Ohwhatadouschbaggiyam tribe...fucking hilarious with a capital H!

    "Semper Fi! Go Hawks!"
    What a fucking poser. I bet you ride a Harley to *$ and sip lotte's with your douschcanoe friends.

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1940 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    How's it going? Do you ever get tired of being a douchebag?

    "I hope you're doing well with your post season woes. Maybe before you get tough on the internet, you should wait for your team to actually win it. Remember, your team was only 1/2 a game ahead of the Seahawks. And that last matchup was pretty telling who's team is what.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!"

    The above quote is just more proof that you're an idiot.
    Did you know I saved your life the other day? Yeah, I killed a shit-eating dog.
    So how 'bout you be a good little boy and fuck off. We'll see what we see as time passes. And all that really matters about the past is that the 49ers won the division and made it to the SB...which is still, no matter how your myopic focus and fucked up world view may want to twist it, more than the Seaclucks did last year.

    So you just keep bringing it you stupid cunt. I'll be here slappin all your tired shit out of the park.

  • Squeeky Clean posted 2104 days ago

    Squeeky Clean

    Haha...how did your prediction on that one work out for ya?
    Well, enjoy your cereal bowl.

  • Squeeky Clean posted 2111 days ago

    Squeeky Clean

    A class act, eh?
    Thanks for the compliment, Pot.
    Maybe you should hold your honor a little more highly than to support a dirtbag like Carroll.
    Meh...I'm sure you'll find some way to justify supporting him. You're good at that...justifying what you do even when it conflicts with what you profess to be your morals.

  • Squeeky Clean posted 2111 days ago

    Squeeky Clean

    You should be counting your luck right now. If RGIII had been even 50% more healthy the game would have been lopsided in favor of the Skins. If you try to spin it any other way you're just homering for your team.
    I'd love for the Clucks to come back to the Stick. Your cheating CB will get called for all the jersey pulling they need to do to keep up with Fo'Nine WR and it'll be the scrpipt will be flipped from the last time the two met. I doubt your sorry assed team gets passed the DirtyBirds though.
    Let's be honest. The Clucks are a cheating team run by a cheating coach. When the crap hits the fan your head coach will be running for the exit to put as much distance between himself and any dirt.
    Honestly, I'm surprised you, a person who holds honor up so highly, could even support a tool like Chete Carroll.
    You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm ashamed of having anyone who would support such a slimeball in my military.

  • Squeeky Clean posted 2125 days ago

    Squeeky Clean

    How's it going, sir.
    The 49ers fans are still here. Don't act like Sea just won the super bowl. The 49ers still have their own destiny in there hands. In some ways I'm hopeful that Sea will win the division so the 49ers can make another trip up to Quest field this season.
    And don't bother responding. I could care less about anything you have to say about how great Sea is. And in my eyes you're still quite the toolbag.

  • Brandan Schulze posted 2131 days ago

    Brandan Schulze

    Just log in to Military Sea Hawkers. Click on the blog tab and you should see an add button. Type out your thoughts and submit them. I hit the approve button and they show up on the site.

  • Brandan Schulze posted 2132 days ago

    Brandan Schulze

    Just wanted to thank you for all the great comments. Any time you want to post your thoughts on any topic on our Military Sea Hawkers website as a full blog post, I will be happy to feature it by sending it out in our weekly newsletter.

  • Matt simok posted 2135 days ago

    Matt simok

    Hey I actually had a question for you! I've read a lot of your comments and thoroughly enjoy your extensive responses and logic as well as opinions. Since you have been a Seahawks fan all your life I was curious to your thoughts on Shaun Alexander. He's one of my favorite players of all time and I have done college speeches on him as well, I firmly believe he deserves a spot in the HOF especially when you compare his stats to Earl Campbell's, anyways a lot of people ride him off because of our line, but I was wondering if you could expand on him, since I started watch the hawks religiously in 2005. Thanks!