James White

James White


I am from a small town in Northwest Georgia you've never heard of. From an early age I have loved professional wrestling. I am an old school WCW fan and I always will be. As a kid Sting was the single greatest force on the planet and Goldberg was a machine and the NWO was pure evil and totally the coolest thing ever except Hulk Hogan, my 7 year old self has never really gotten over him turning heel. The other thing that drew me to pro wrestling as a child was the fact that I was in awe of the crusierweights in WCW they were videogame characters come to life.

As I grew older and WCW went out of business I grew away from wrestling and sports as a whole.
And then I discovered TNA. I tuned into Impact and BOOM there was Sting, the hero of my childhood, and the X-Division wrestlers were the crusierweights reborn. They rekindled my love of pro wrestling and I was hooked once again, except that this time is was old enough to truly appreciate what the athletes were doing in the ring on a totally different level.

Then I discovered MMA and the UFC. I was never a fan of boxing because I always thought why doesn't one of those guys just tackle the other one and pound him into the ground. MMA gave me all of that and more. MMA was something that was totally new to me. At first I was totally engrossed by the violence and brutality of it. But as I watched more and more I learned more of the nuances of the sport and I began to appreciate a well fought submission chess match, or a grinding grappling match just as much as a bloody slugfest.

Being a male from the south it is almost impossible to not have at least some sort of opinion on football it is expected for the most part. I'll admit that I am not a huge fan, but I do enjoy a good well played SEC game. Normally I could careless about the NFL unless it's Super Bowl time. For me if it's football it's college and if it's college it's the SEC.

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  • Dan Carson posted 2143 days ago

    Dan Carson

    Loved your comment on my "Sports Traditions That Need to Go" article. I don't really think all those traditions need to go—it was just the assignment I was given.

    But on the other hand, it's crazy to see how some people think getting rid of gimmicky stuff like giant glitzy pop concerts is attack on the soul of the game. Mindblowing stuff.

    Anyways, stay golden.