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Ethan J. Skolnick (@EthanJSkolnick) is a Senior Writer based in Miami, covering the NBA for Bleacher Report and other Turner Sports properties since September 2013. Previously, he spent 17 years covering all the major pro and college teams and most major sporting events for The Palm Beach Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Miami Herald. He continues to host and serve as a Miami Heat analyst on The Ticket radio station based out of Miami, on 790AM and 104.3 FM. A graduate of The Johns Hopkins University with a Master's in Journalism from Columbia University, is the co-author of the book, "Raising Your Game: Over 100 Accomplished Athletes Help You Guide Your Girls and Boys Through Sports." ( and the lead collaborator on "Innovative State: How New Technologies Can Transform Government."

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  • Skip E. Bayless posted 1269 days ago

    Skip E. Bayless

    How bad do you want to swallow Lebron kids

  • Jaden L posted 1354 days ago

    Jaden L

    I love reading your articles.

  • jhon alex posted 1361 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • jhon alex posted 1368 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • jhon alex posted 1412 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • Boya Jiang posted 1423 days ago

    Boya Jiang

    Your article callin LeBron old was either ridiculous or click bait, you're better than that. And TT is a great player, more than just offensive boards, 24 and 12 against Griffin last night. Stop seeing things through your Heat homer glasses. Bleacher Report ain't The Ticket.

  • kings fan posted 1568 days ago

    kings fan

    its ridiculous to say cavs deserve expectations that heat had. hard to believe you can become a writer with such biased views. are you just a little upset that now you have to actually make real articles now that lebron isnt in miami?? what happen to it was a good thing that lebron was opting out? or bosh too for that matter??

  • Larry Walker posted 1572 days ago

    Larry Walker

    Ethan---Last I knew the Heat play their home "basketball" games off of route 1, Biscayne Blvd in dowtown Miami. Maybe that is South Beach to you, but it sure is NOT to me. In fact the Heat home is closer to Little Havana than South Beach. Possibly some Heat members play "games" at South Beach, but it sure is not the game of NBA basketball. For as long as you have been in the South Florida geography, I kind of wonder how you have not learned where, exactly, South Beach is located.

  • Slledge77 . posted 1614 days ago

    Slledge77 .

    King LeCramps proving once again he's just borderline retarded off the court.
    He seemed to have learned that large "Decision" circuses with the media are stupid. So he does the next-best stupid thing: what he just did:
    Another huge media circus he could have greatly minimized by keeping things small and quiet, as most NBA stars do. Private dinner with Riles, etc. Minimum talk to the media. Zero wife tweets. I mean how dumb is it to move your cars out of the house in Miami, the same day this huge media circus is going on?
    Now everyone will be pissed, even in Miami if he "keeps his talents" in Miami.. Not to mention back home in Ohio, he will be deserving all the hate he's gonna get and never forgiven after the LeCircus Part II he just came up with. And now off to Brazil for the final, perhaps the only smart move all week! Carlos Iglesia@ChurchCarlos

  • db posted 1619 days ago


    If I don't hear or read it from you or Ira, it's nothing but noise.